Trailer Cleaning and Equipment Repair – Saturday, 1/28

This Saturday, January 28, 2012, starting at 9:00 am, we will be holding a trailer cleaning event to re-organize the contents of the trailer, repair any broken equipment, and generally get everything in good shape for the new year ahead.  It’s a great opportunity to give back to the club, and to shoot the bull with all your rocket buddies.  We can use all the help we can get, so please put this on your calendar and join the fun!

A particular goal this and the next work party is a major reorganization of the club equipment in order to take advantage of ROC’s new storage site in Lucerne Valley and to significantly lighten the trailer for easier towing.  The weather forecast for the weekend looks favorable, but dress in layers in anticipation of cold temperatures in the morning.  Bring work gloves and suitable shoes.  ROC will be providing morning coffee and donuts, as well as pizza and salad for lunch.

The location, as always, is the home of Leslie and Scott Mayer, in Oak Hills.  Their address is:

8828 Kittering Road

Oak Hills, CA 92344

Feel free to bring friends, relatives, and a willingness to lend a hand.  Work gloves are encouraged, as we’ll be hauling all of the launch equipment out of the trailer to clean and repair it, and gloves can make that easier.  If you have special expertise, such as with electrical repair or machining, bring that too!  There is no shortage of deferred maintenance to take care of.



If you come up the Cajon Pass heading north on Interstate 15, you should take the highway 395 exit as you get in to Hesperia.  You’ll cross over the freeway, coming to a traffic signal at the Pilot gas station/Newton’s Outpost truck stop.  Make a left at the signal on to Joshua street, and follow Joshua street one block west to where it ends in a “T” at Caliente Road.  Turn right on Caliente, and head north one block to where the pavement ends just before Muscatel street.  Now on the dirt, turn left on Muscatel.

About 50 feet after turning left on to Muscatel, you’ll see that the dirt road takes a steep drop down a hill into a valley, and up the other side. Approach with caution, as it’s not uncommon for vehicles on this road to speed down one side and up the other, and you don’t want to collide with a car coming the other way.

Follow Muscatel west down the canyon, and up the other side.  Continue another six blocks, and turn left on Kittering road.  Leslie and Scott’s place will be the first house on your right after you turn.  The trailer is in the back, parked next to the garage/workshop.

If you want to avoid the steep drive down into the valley on Muscatel, or if you’re coming southbound on 395 from somewhere to the North, or if you miss the 395 exit off the 15, and get off on Main Street, instead, there’s an alternate route you can take:

Head West on Phelan Road from 395.  If you’re heading northbound on 395 from the 15, you’ll be driving straight past the Pilot gas station, and making a left on Phelan Road, which is the next signal past Joshua Street. If you’re heading southbound on 395, you’ll be making a right on to Phelan Road.  (Phelan Road becomes Main Street if you go the wrong way and head east towards Interstate 15.  So, if you get off the 15 at Main Street, simply head west until you pass 395.)

One block west on Phelan Road from 395, just past Los Banos Ave., Phelan Road goes from two lanes down to one.  The very next street on your left, just after the lanes merge, is Freemontia Road.  Turn left on Freemontia. DO NOT TURN ON LOS BANOS — go one block past Los Banos, and turn left on Freemontia.

Freemontia becomes a dirt road immediately.  Follow Freemontia south until it hits Muscatel, and turn right.  The house on the southwest corner of Freemontia and Muscatel has a giant rooster statue and a windmill in the front yard, so simply turn right when you see the huge cockerel.  Head three blocks west on Muscatel, and turn left on to Kittering.  Leslie and Scott’s place will be the first house on your right after you turn.  The trailer is in the back, parked next to the garage/workshop.

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