ROC’s Drone Policy

ROC's Drone Policy

No…we don’t allow the type of drones pictured here, even though there is a missile in the photo!

We have been asked in the past about drone usage at ROC launches. With hobby drones in the news lately, we thought that we’d let everyone know what our policy is. The first and foremost concern at all ROC launches is SAFETY! Drones are normally flown under RC Aircraft rules and conventions, which means that you can’t fly a drone over the parking area, spectators, or safety zones.

We do allow drones to the South of the parking area, please be careful.

We also allow drones on the range for special purposes like getting a cool video of a launch from above. Drones on the range require prior coordination with a ROC Board Member and are at the discretion of the LCO and RSO at the range head.

Thanks, and let’s all have safe fun!

Lose Something at ROCtober???

Last weekend, we found a California License Plate (Front) at the Trailer Cleaning Party and surmise that it was lost at the ROCtober event.

CA Lic#: 7G74301
If this is yours, please contact me at

Notice of ROC Annual Meeting

As the Secretary of the Corporation, I am announcing the Rocketry Organization of California Annual Membership meeting to be held at the November ROCStock.

Specifically, the meeting will be called to order on November 9th at 6.30PM, PST at the Range Head at Lucerne Dry Lake. This is approximately at sunset that day or when our daily flying waiver closes. This is a standing meeting, i.e. you must be present to participate, no proxy voting will be allowed.

We invite all ROC Members, Daily Flying members, and Spectators to the meeting, however, only Executive (Annual Paid) Members will be recognized for business during the meeting or will be allowed to vote.

The only item currently on the Agenda is the Announcement of the results of the 2014 Board of Directors election. Additional Agenda items can be sent directly to me at “” (please do not post them to this venue) by midnight, November 2nd, 2013. Items may be brought to the floor after the set Agenda is completed.


ROCtober NOT Affected by Government Shutdown

The ROC BOD has checked with our Federal regulatory agencies (BLM and FAA) and can happily report that our October 12-13th launch will go ahead as scheduled!

We are “Go!” for launch…pending “W”, of course…

ROC Election Nominations Extended

The ROC Board of Directors has voted to extend the nomination period for elections to September 1st (inclusive).

We have some nominees for next year’s slate, however, we need a total of four this year so please consider giving something back to your club.

If you’ve always been around to help out, doing the work, but wondering how we put together a big launch nearly every month, then now’s the time to join the board and have a real voice. Last year, we added three new (never before on the board) members that have greatly enhanced our ability to keep the club alive and active. Now’s the time to YOU to join that group.

Terms are for three years and you get a free ROC membership for that time (daily flying fees still apply :( ).


ROC Secretary


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