May Launch on Saturday, May 9TH–With Night Launching! Trailer Cleaning on May 10

To encourage/reward folks for staying over Saturday night and helping with the Trailer cleaning on Sunday, May 10, we will be keeping part of the range set up Saturday night for NIGHT LAUNCHING! (weather permitting)

We will have our normal monthly launch schedule during the day, with set up starting about 7:00 AM and launches starting as soon as we are set up.

We need to get the trailers and equipment ready for ROCstock in June, and more hands helping out makes it easier and faster! We have scheduled the clean up for the day after the May launch so everything will be fresh and ready in June. We will also be planning our usual night launches on Friday and Saturday at ROCstock, of course!

Please plan on joining ROC for the weekend of May 9 and 10!

April Launch is Saturday, April 11

The weather forecast is for warm and clear, but a bit more air movement than previous months.

High should be mid-70s, with humidity in the 35% to 40% range.

Dawn is at 6:22AM, at that time the breeze is predicted at 10 MPH from the WSW and stay about that throughout the morning.

Set up will begin about 7AM.

It should be a great day to spend on the lakebed! Be sure to bring water and sunscreen–even on a cooler Spring day you can get dehydrated and/or sunburned.

Hope you see you there!

Trailer and Equipment Cleaning, to Get Ready for ROCstock!

Mark your calendar!

We will be holding our semi-occasional trailer and equipment cleaning session on Sunday, May 10. That is the day after our regular May launch on Saturday, May 9.

Time and details will be posted as they are finalized, but please plan on joining us to get things ready for ROCstock in June.

Many hands make light work!

March 14 Monthly Launch

This Saturday, March 14, is our monthly launch and the weather is looking beautiful!

It is forecast to be calm and warm, with an afternoon high near 80. Please remember to prepare for a day on a warm dry lake bed.

At this launch we will be trying to train as many people as are interested in the various launch positions (LCO, Pad Manager, etc.). No experience is needed, although you do need to be certified level 2 to be Range Safety Officer (RSO). Our launches are run by volunteers, and this is your chance to step up and help out!

Set up will begin bright and early, about 7AM. The more folks helping with set up, the quicker we can start launching!

The February 14 Launch is a GO!!!

We have received our FAA waiver for the rest of 2015, and preliminary weather forecasts are for great flying conditions!

We hope to see everyone at the launch, with the projects you have been saving since November!

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