The February 14 Launch is a GO!!!

We have received our FAA waiver for the rest of 2015, and preliminary weather forecasts are for great flying conditions!

We hope to see everyone at the launch, with the projects you have been saving since November!

ROC Board Members

January ROC Launch Canceled

Unfortunately, the Board of Directors has decided to cancel the January 2015 launch. This is due to circumstances beyond our control regarding the Certificate of Waiver from the FAA.

See everyone at the February launch!

Mike Ostby
ROC Board Member

High Power Waiver for 2015 Not Issued Yet

From our President:


I’m sorry to have to let you know that we have not yet received ROC’s approved certificate of waiver from the FAA for our 2015 flying season. I have been keeping in touch with our contact at the FAA, and he let me know that it might not be ready in time for this Saturday’s launch..

What this means: Without an FAA Waiver in place, we cannot fly (most*) high power motors or rockets. If the Waiver isn’t finished by tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, the ROC Board will be deciding whether to cancel the launch completely, or to hold a “low power launch”, and limit flying to rockets that don’t need an FAA Waiver.

We’ll be making a decision one way or another by tomorrow afternoon, and will announce it on the email lists (ROC-Chat and ROC-Announce), and on the ROC Web Site ( and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Please check back with us tomorrow afternoon around 5:30 or 6:00 PM for a status update.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Rick Dickinson
ROC President

* Without an FAA Waiver, we can only fly motors with up to 125 grams of propellant total, in a rocket weighing no more than 1500 grams (about 3.3 lbs.) on the pad, ready to fly. This means nothing larger than a G or small H motor (like an Aerotech H128 or similar) in a relatively lightweight airframe.

December 13th Launch Canceled!

Due to lakebed conditions and pending rain to worsen the surface, the ROC BOD has elected to cancel the December Launch.

See you all in January!

Membership Renewals!

This is a reminder to renew your membership to ROC for 2015. Go to to renew for 2015!

As previously announced, ROC is going to simplify Executive Memberships and starting in 2015, they will run January to December. There will be no pro-ration for partial years, as the fee is only $60 (cheapest date in town) for 16 launch days per year! Executive members will still pay the $5/day fee that gets passed directly to the BLM for any days that they fly. If you fly every day that ROC is on the lakebed, you will pay a total of $140 for a year of flying! That’s cheaper than coffee and helps to sustain the club by providing working cash to maintain the equipment. Daily flying fees without a membership go up to $20/day in 2015 so joining represents a discount if you fly more than 7 days.

Accompanying this change is a change in our membership card policy as well. If you join between Nov. 1st, 2014 and January 31st, 2015, your card will be available in early February. If you join between February 1st and April 30th, your card will be available in early May. If you join after April 30th, you will be able to pick up a “blank” 2015 membership card and write your name on it (we’ll provide the sharpie) at a launch. “Blank” cards will be pre-printed just like the regular cards except they will be blank where the name goes. Due to liability waiver requirements, you may have to pick up your card at the launch site in person…more on that in January when the cards are ready.

The new membership cards will feature a ROC design, your name pre-printed (if you join before April 30th), and you will get both a wallet card and a card that can be punched and hung around your neck. Everyone who joins will be eligible to pick up a fancy lanyard to hang their card from registration while supplies last. When we run out of lanyards, you can get a ROC sticker. If we run out of stickers, well, you’re just out of luck!



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