Getting Started In Model Rocketry

 It is called “model” rocketry because the rockets are typically built by the hobbyist -much like model airplanes and other things are built. So, one of the best aspects of the hobby is that there are two distinct phases. The first phase is the building of the rockets and the second phase is the launching of the rockets.

A Model Rocket Kit: This kit comes with two rockets that you build and the launching pad that you also build. There are lots of other kits you can purchase. I like this one because it is cheap, gives you two rockets and the launching pad. It’s a good place to start the hobby inexpensively.

There are lots of different rockets you can build and how you build it will depend on the kit you buy. But for the most part there are two basic types of rockets. The first type is the traditional balsa wood and cardboard tube rocket. And the second style is the plastic rocket.

The Balsa wood and cardboard tube rockets generally take a little bit more work to make and the plastic rockets often are snap together. If this has you worried don’t ! Each rocket will come with complete instructions. But you will need a few materials and tools for making them. The balsa wood rocket will need an xacto knife and some wood or white glue and the plastic rocket will need some plastic cement or plastic glue.

It’s not that hard and it is a lot of fun to build your rockets. Each one should take you between one and two hours to build and they always come with complete step-by-step instructions.

Model Rocket Engines: These are what makes the rocket go and each one can be used only once so you need to buy a supply of them. They are usually sold in packs of three.

Rocket Wadding – This is a package of sheets of wadding. It is very similiar to heavy paper tissues but it is fireproof. This is an important part of rocketry. It helps prevent your rocket or parachute from catching on fire. I will show you how this is used



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