2014 ROC Election Results

Professor Farnsworth from "Futurama" saying "Good News, Everyone!"
The ballots are in, and the people have spoken!

Rick Magee has been re-elected as Tripoli Prefect.

Rick O’Neil, David Smith, and John Van Norman were elected for the 3 full-term (3 year) Board positions. Mike Ostby was elected to fill the open Board seat for the remaining 2 years.

The ROC Board has elected as officers:

President – Rick Dickinson
Vice President – Bryce Chanes
Treasurer – Ian Walberg
Secretary – Mike Riss

In addition, Veronica Kirk was appointed to fill the opening created by a recent Board member’s resignation (due to work travel requirements).

On behalf of the Board, Officers, and club, I’d like to thank all the people who stepped forward this year. Whether selected or not, your willingness to serve is appreciated!

I’d also like to thank the outgoing board members, Greg Lyzenga, Allen Farrington, and Lee Scott, for their service. Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of the time and effort you’ve put in on behalf of the club at the next launch you attend :-)

ROC Board Member and Secretary

2015 Membership Information

As previously announced, ROC is going to simplify Executive Memberships and starting in 2015, they will run January to December. There will be no pro-ration for partial years, as the fee is only $60 (cheapest date in town) for 16 launch days per year! Executive members will still pay the $5/day fee that gets passed directly to the BLM for any days that they fly. If you fly every day that ROC is on the lakebed, you will pay a total of $140 for a year of flying! That’s cheaper than coffee and helps to sustain the club by providing working cash to maintain the equipment.

Accompanying this change is a change in our membership card policy as well. If you join between Nov. 1st, 2014 and January 31st, 2015, you will receive a membership card in the mail in early February. If you join between February 1st and April 30th, you will receive a membership card in the mail in early May. If you join after April 30th, you will be able to pick up a “blank” 2015 membership card and write your name on it (we’ll provide the sharpie) at a launch. “Blank” cards will be pre-printed just like the regular cards except they will be blank where the name goes.

The new membership cards will feature a ROC design, your name pre-printed (if you join before April 30th), and you will get both a wallet card and a card that can be punched and hung around your neck. Everyone who joins will be eligible to pick up a fancy lanyard to hang their card from registration while supplies last. When we run out of lanyards, you can get a ROC sticker. If we run out of stickers, well, you’re just out of luck!

We hope that everyone understands that maintaining the membership rolls takes time away from the hobby for the person that fulfills that role for the club, so we’re trying to lessen the burden and simplify so that there’s more time for flying!

ROCStock XL (40) Is Here! Saturday Nov. 8th – Sun. the 9th

ROCstock group photo - click for larger view!

ROCstock group photo – click for larger view!

Fellow ROC members and rocket flyers,

ROCStock 40 is here! The launch takes place Saturday Nov. 8th to Sunday the 9th at our normal launch site on Lucerne Dry Lake, Lucerne Valley, CA.

Directions and other details can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1440611639547349/ or our website http://rocstock.org/

Current weather forecasts for Lucerne Valley say we can expect day time highs in the upper 70’sF with overnight lows in the mid 40’sF. If you’ve been out before, this is just a forecast as the lake bed has its own special climate!  One source of weather is http://tinyurl.com/lmbjtzk. As always the “W” is usually lighter first thing in the morning, increasing in strength during the day.  We always recommend you arrive early ready to fly.

Range setup will begin Friday the 7th in the early afternoon.  Depending on how many make it out for setup, we hope to have the range open for flying at 8:00am Saturday. When you arrive please take care to look out for the safety areas and any areas reserved for vendors, club equipment etc. In addition to keeping the safety zones and access roads clear please do not park RVs or high sided vehicles on the front row to maximize safety and visibility for everyone.

We need everyone to pitch in for their fair share of of the effort it takes to get a launch of this size “off the ground”.  Look up a Board Member or stop by the registration table and we will find you some way of helping, learning more about rocketry, and even making some new friends.

Discount Rocketry and Bay Area Rocketry are expected at the launch and ‘Two guys and a Grille’ will be selling food.  Lucerne Valley Market has almost anything else you will need for a day/night on the lake bed.  There will be T-shirts for sale, along with other ROC merchandise.  We hope to have a raffle as well.

Both NAR and Tripoli certifications can be conducted for those interested.

And don’t forget, our Annual Members Meeting will be held on Saturday the 8th at 5pm.

Daily members launch fee is $15 and the Executive member fee is $5. Everybody needs to register and get a wrist band to fly. All participants and spectators need to sign a liability waiver. Please be aware of the requirement to follow all safety rules and procedures while attending the launch, and make sure that children are supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Overnight camping is allowed as usual, but be sure to keep all campfires in above-ground containers to comply with BLM rules, and pack your ashes and wood debris out with you when you leave. Let’s always try to leave the playa a little cleaner than we found it. Portable toilets should be delivered on site by Friday to support overnight campers and setup.

We look forward to seeing new and existing members, and are eagerly anticipating a safe and fun weekend of rocketry.  Let’s celebrate ROC’s 20th anniversary with style!

Mike Riss
ROC Board Member and Secretary

Equipment Maintenance Party a Success!

As Equipment manager I want to thank those that showed up to help get all the ROC equipment in order for Rocstock coming up in two weeks.  The heart an soul of the club are the members and flyers but the skeleton, blood, guts and nervous system is the equipment we have for launching our rockets.  Without it working correctly we would all be standing around admiring the paint jobs on our projects but doing little flying.  So for those that came out to help us clean and organize everything, I thank you and I am sure the club will thank you when we put on the November Rocstock with the great launch pads and control systems that we have.

So remember that when you pay your membership dues and flight fees, that money goes into keeping our equipment in top shape.  It goes into the porta potties and trash bins that we all need out on the lake bed, and it goes toward the fees we have to pay to use the lake bed.  And since we are all unpaid volunteers in this club, the more everyone pitches in to help with setup and tear down and doing a couple hours at the LCO/RSO/Pad manager tables, the more we will all feel like we are in the club together.

Thanks again to all,

Kurt Gugisberg

Equipment manager

2014 ROC Elections

Ballots for the 2014 ROC Board Elections have been mailed to all ROC Executive Members, Lifetime Members, and Board Members.  We have six (6) qualified candidates who have stepped forward this year, and you may vote for up to four (4) of them.

The three (3) candidates with the most votes will be elected to 3-year terms, and the fourth-place candidate will be elected to a 2-year term.

ROC Board terms are normally three years.  Lee Scott was initially appointed by the ROC Board to fill the vacancy caused by David Smith’s resignation between elections, but our bylaws require that we elect a director to serve the rest of that term at the next regularly-scheduled election.  Therefore, we have three 3-year terms and one 2-year term to be filled by this ballot.

Additionally, Tripoli now requires that our Prefect be voted on by the ROC membership.  Therefore, our Tripoli Prefect, Rick Magee appears on the ballot for confirmation by the members.  Please indicate your continued support for Rick Magee as our Prefect by checking the box next to his name.

Ballots must be postmarked by November 1, 2014, to be counted.  Results will be announced at the annual ROC Member Meeting, which will be held on the lake bed at ROCstock, on Saturday, November 8, 2014, at 5:00 PM PST.

Here are the statements submitted by all of the candidates this year, in alphabetical order by last name.  Please read through the statements, and when you receive your ballot in the mail, cast your votes for the candidates that you would like to see serving on the ROC Board:

Veronica Kirk

Veronica L. Kirk, PhDVeronica Kirk
NAR 91973
Tripoli 14498
Cert. Level 2
KI8RK – Amateur Extra

I want to start by saying a very grateful THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me last year. This past year, in filling out the term of another board member, has been very enlightening for me in terms of so many things, but specifically, in how (and why) the club structure is set up and operates the way it does.

I have that education behind me and have identified several functions where I feel I can be very beneficial to the club, if elected for a ‘full’ term in this upcoming election. The first year is basically “getting your feet wet” and I am ready to start bringing, not just suggestions, but substantial work effort to solving existing and new challenges that the club faces on an ongoing basis.

There are many dedicated and wonderful people that I have been honored to work with over this past year and have gleaned an insight as to how my international technological management experience can help to meld some very bright suggestions from those individuals on issues that I KNOW are important to all members of the club.

For anyone who may wish to be bored, my bio is available upon request. Thank you in advance for your support in me putting the last years’ experience / training to work in a full term seat.

Phil Laisure

Phil LaisureGreetings!
My name is Phil Laisure, and I am submitting this for an opportunity to join the ROC Board.

I have been involved with this great hobby since a friend of mine turned me on this this in 2001.  The first launch I attended was the LDRS launch hosted by ROC that year.  I showed up with my LOC Aura and a couple of motors, and I was instantly hooked.  At the following ROCstock that November, I obtained my TRA Level 1.

Since then, I’ve progressed to Level 3, I can’t believe that was 10 years ago.  My garage looks like a missle silo, and I’m always working on or building another one.

Until recently, I was a member of Civil Air Patrol, and tried to encourage our youth in building their own rockets so they could earn the Civil Air Patrol rocketry badge, but I also built several large projects over the years as a group effort, and to help them understand what it takes to build a large rocket.  Plus, it’s fun to show up at the RSO table with an “M” powered rocket built by a bunch of 14 year olds.

I decided to join as a club member some time ago, it’s been at least 8 years, but probably more.  I don’t get to many launches, I try to attend the ROCstock launches, and maybe 1-2 more during the year.

I was at launch this September, and was convinced to apply for this by a couple of the other board members.  So, here it is.

To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot of what goes on “behind the scenes” with the Board.  But, I think to help out the club, and kind of “pay it forward”, I think it’s time I offered to help.  I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment form the club over the years, and would like to help that continue.

Thank you or your consideration on this.
Phil A. Laisure

Rick O’Neil
Please accept this email as my request for candidacy for a board position in ROC. I am a founder of ROC and have served as Treasurer and President multiple times in the past. I helped ROC gain membership as both a NAR Section and Tripoli Prefecture. I built the first ROC launch control system and helped in building the current system. In the past 20 years I have mentored boy scouts, CAP, middle school students and high school students. I have traveled to launches all over the US since the 80’s and used this experience to contribute to ROC’s organizational success.

A successful nomination will add my knowledge in organizational management, relationships with vendors all over the country and a familiar voice to the members in person and on the microphone.

Thank you for your consideration.
Rick O’Neil

Mike Ostby

OstbyMy name is Mike Ostby.  I’ve been an active ROC member since August 2011.  As many others be for me I am a born again rocketeer.  The hobby has changed and progressed so much since I first starting flying in the mid 1970’s. I am a family man and usually I can been seen out on the flight line with one or both of my kids.  With the help and encouragement of fellow ROC members I have progressed from building Estes model kits to designing and scratch building high power birds.  I recently obtained NAR level 3 certification and now would like to “pay it forward” as the saying goes.

I feel a great way of “giving back” to ROC and it’s members is to run for a spot on the Board of Directors.  I feel I could be a strong asset to ROC.  As a board member I would do my best to fulfill whatever the task at hand is and to contribute in any way that I can.  I am prepared to commit my time and knowledge to ROC to better our club so that flyers of all ages and skill levels with continue to have a safe, exciting and fun experience for years to come.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mike Ostby
NAR Level 3 93176

David P. Smith

David P SmithI built my first Estes kit in 1968, as a Cub Scout. In the 90s when my son was a Cub Scout we got interested again, and started coming to occasional ROC launches. Occasional ramped up to fairly frequent, and then most launches. I am currently certified Level 2.

I make it to most launches, if only to watch the launches and hang out. My favorite place to watch from is the LCO panel, and I do try to volunteer in some capacity at most of the launches I attend.

I have been a licensed Ham since 1977. I enjoy various aspects of the hobby, including Radio Direction Finding, APRS (which I have been working on for rocket tracking), and various digital modes of operation. I am a Volunteer Examiner, and have taught several classes to help others get their license. My main interest in ham radio is building my own gear, including designing some from the ground up.

For part of my career I worked as a Safety Specialist at San Onofre, in the Occupational Safety and Health group. I studied safety and risk management at UC Riverside Extension. I have always been very interested in safety and ensuring activities can be done without mishap. I continue this interest from time to time when volunteering as RSO.

I was elected to the board last year, but resigned when I thought I would be working for a year contract in Nebraska. That job didn’t work out, so now I am working locally at a permanent job. My schedule rotates, but I will be around for most launches and other activities. I now live in Barstow, about 35 to 40 minutes from the launch site.

Thank you for your consideration,
David P Smith
NAR 78668
Amateur Extra, W6DPS

John Van Norman

Brother JohnI am John Van Norman and I am running for the ROC Board of Directors. I have previously been a board member and served 1-year as the vice-president. I was the Launch Director for our last LDRS.

I have been a member of ROC for about 18 years. I am a Level 3 flyer with both NAR and TRA. I am what we fondly refer to as a ‘BAR’-Born again Rocketeer, having built and flown rockets in my youth. I love spending time with the Club and sharing my skills and knowledge with everyone.

As a long time member and former board member I have lots of experience dealing with the club and its behind the scenes activities.

W. John Van Norman


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