Call For Articles–Share Your Knowledge!

If anyone on this chat or who attends ROC launches wants to write an article on a “how to” or detailing your experience in a specific area, we would love to increased the practical information on our website!

No need to format for the web–I can get it ready when I publish it. Brevity is usually good, but if there is a bunch of information, please feel free to be thorough.

Information based on real-world experience is the best, but if you have a rocketry related term paper or doctoral thesis that would be okay too. We just may have to add section for “Really Advanced”!

We are always looking to improve and update our webpage. Look over the stuff in our “Learn” menu, and then please add your expertise…

Ideas for what you would like to see are welcome, too. But it might take a while for someone to develop and interest and find the spare time to write it.

Of course, anything we publish must be free of copyright restrictions, and effectively becomes open and free use under a GPU license.

David Smith

NAR 79889, L2

Amateur Extra, W6DPS

ROC Board Member (who occasionally breaks stuff on the web page)

May Launch on Saturday, May 9TH–With Night Launching! Trailer Cleaning on May 10

To encourage/reward folks for staying over Saturday night and helping with the Trailer cleaning on Sunday, May 10, we will be keeping part of the range set up Saturday night for NIGHT LAUNCHING! (weather permitting)

We will have our normal monthly launch schedule during the day, with set up starting about 7:00 AM and launches starting as soon as we are set up.

We need to get the trailers and equipment ready for ROCstock in June, and more hands helping out makes it easier and faster! We have scheduled the clean up for the day after the May launch so everything will be fresh and ready in June. We will also be planning our usual night launches on Friday and Saturday at ROCstock, of course!

Please plan on joining ROC for the weekend of May 9 and 10!

Trailer and Equipment Cleaning, to Get Ready for ROCstock!

Mark your calendar!

We will be holding our semi-occasional trailer and equipment cleaning session on Sunday, May 10. That is the day after our regular May launch on Saturday, May 9.

Time and details will be posted as they are finalized, but please plan on joining us to get things ready for ROCstock in June.

Many hands make light work!

New Fee Schedule Page Posted

Please review the updated Fee Schedule page:

The new “Regular Flyer” fee of $20 per launch day makes Executive Membership even more attractive.

The Fee for youth groups has also been updated, and now only applies to groups who pre-register. Pre-registration is important to ensure we can adequately support the youth group and their launch plans, along with providing a great launch to all participants. Any groups who do not pre-register would pay the “Regular Flyer” fees.

Membership Renewals!

This is a reminder to renew your membership to ROC for 2015. Go to to renew for 2015!

As previously announced, ROC is going to simplify Executive Memberships and starting in 2015, they will run January to December. There will be no pro-ration for partial years, as the fee is only $60 (cheapest date in town) for 16 launch days per year! Executive members will still pay the $5/day fee that gets passed directly to the BLM for any days that they fly. If you fly every day that ROC is on the lakebed, you will pay a total of $140 for a year of flying! That’s cheaper than coffee and helps to sustain the club by providing working cash to maintain the equipment. Daily flying fees without a membership go up to $20/day in 2015 so joining represents a discount if you fly more than 7 days.

Accompanying this change is a change in our membership card policy as well. If you join between Nov. 1st, 2014 and January 31st, 2015, your card will be available in early February. If you join between February 1st and April 30th, your card will be available in early May. If you join after April 30th, you will be able to pick up a “blank” 2015 membership card and write your name on it (we’ll provide the sharpie) at a launch. “Blank” cards will be pre-printed just like the regular cards except they will be blank where the name goes. Due to liability waiver requirements, you may have to pick up your card at the launch site in person…more on that in January when the cards are ready.

The new membership cards will feature a ROC design, your name pre-printed (if you join before April 30th), and you will get both a wallet card and a card that can be punched and hung around your neck. Everyone who joins will be eligible to pick up a fancy lanyard to hang their card from registration while supplies last. When we run out of lanyards, you can get a ROC sticker. If we run out of stickers, well, you’re just out of luck!



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