Weather Prediction for ROCtober

The weather for Saturday and Sunday will be a bit warmer than average, with highs of about 91° both days.

It should be calm and clear, with fairly calm weather for night launching.

Humidity is expected to be around 30%, and the UV index moderate at 6 of 10.

While the UV index is expected to be lower than at any launch so far this year, sunblock is still a good idea, and staying hydrated is always important. Bring and drink plenty of water!

Congratulations to Kurt Gugisberg and Neil Hunstein!

They will be filling the two three-year terms on the ROC Board of Directors. Mr. Gugisberg is currently on the board. Mr. Hunstein is a long time ROC flier and volunteer. Their new terms will begin on the Saturday of the November ROCstock at our annual meeting.

The ROC Board of Directors election for 2015 did come to an early end.

The two members who were elected submitted self-nominations in a timely manner, for three available positions. The Board of Directors considered the situation and our club by-laws, and decided that the two candidates would be elected for the two three-year terms of office.

The remaining vacancy will be filled for a one year term, until the 2016 election. The board of directors will appoint an Executive or Life member to fill this position. This term will also begin at the annual meeting, on the Saturday of November ROCstock.

If you are an Executive or Life member of ROC and are interested in being appointed to the vacancy, please contact any current board member or use the contact form on the web page.

Self-Nominations are Now Open for the2015 ROC Board Of Directors Election

ROC Board Elections are coming up rapidly. Three seats are up for election this year.

The window for self-nominations is now open, and will run until September 1.

If you want to help with the month to month operation of ROC, consider nominating yourself for the board.

To submit a self nomination, send a statement of why you would be an asset to the club if you serve as a director. Please include a recent photo of yourself. Send them to:

Thank you to David Erbas-White for again volunteering to be the ROC Elections Chairperson.

Please remember that self nominations must be sent to the email address above by September 1. Only current Executive Members and Life Members are eligible to run for the board. Incumbents are eligible to run.

Long Range Weather Prediction for August 8 Launch

The weather for the lakebed is looking pretty good!

While conditions can change significantly in a few days, current indications are for clear sky, high in the mid 90s, humidity around 25%. Normal patterns of air movement. (Calm at dawn, growing less calm as the day progresses.) UV index still extremely high!

While there may be rainfall in the next few days, there will probably not be enough to cause problems. There should be some warm, low humidity, days to dry things out. It will likely not even be enough to settle the dust on launch day.

Further bulletins as my crystal ball comes into sharper focus, so watch for updates…

Weather for Saturday’s Launch

This Saturday, July 11, will be our normal monthly launch.

The weather outlook has changed a bit, with a lower high temperature and slightly more humidity.

The high temperature should be about 90°F with 30% humidity. The UV index will still be extreme!

Please remember sunblock, a hat, and appropriate clothing.

It should be calm early, with air movement picking up as the day progresses.

It is looking like a great launch, we hope to see everyone at the lakebed!


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