LDRS35 – Call for Executive Committee Members

ROC Members and Friends –

As you may have heard by now, ROC has been selected to host LDRS35 in June of 2016! The flying days are June 8th through June 12th, 2016.
In order to try to keep the planning and coordination of a national event from impacting the club’s operations, we’d like to get our Executive Committee together so that our current BoD doesn’t have to do all the work for this event. To that end, we’re soliciting for volunteers to fill positions instead of the BoD taking all of the work.
In addition to the specific responsibilities outlined below, each coordinator should be ready to give two hours a month to a coordination telephone meeting and must be able to attend the entire LDRS launch (Weds – Sun). If you don’t want to take the lead, but are willing to help in one of the areas below, don’t hesitate to volunteer now…many hands make light work.
Here’s the specifics, to volunteer, contact me via email at allen@alumni.duke.edu:
Safety Coordinator (must be L2 Certified, CA Pyro Operator a plus):
Works with other Coordinators to ensure a safe launch. Understands the California and Tripoli safety requirements for the launch and works with the Range Coordinator to make sure that we’ve setup the range in a safe manner. Meets daily during the launch with the volunteer RSO’s to ensure that everyone knows what their job is. Final responsibility for approving “odd rocs”. Coordinates with the local authorities to make sure that they are aware of our event and completes any required notifications or coordination. Sets up the First Aid capabilities of the on-site launch including ordering necessary First Aid supplies.
Registration Coordinator:
Works with other Coordinators to register participants in the event. Works with the Website Coordinator to execute on-line registrations. Creates the “Registration Packet” for registrants including informational flyers, flyer pass, wristbands, etc… Solicits volunteers to staff the on-site registration table during the launch. Most of the work is prior to the launch.
On-Site Sales & Merchandise Coordinator:
Develops the LDRS35 T-Shirt design and related merchandise. With the Executive committed, develops an order list of items to be purchased for re-sale and places the orders, accepts delivery, and organizes the sale of items during the launch. Solicits volunteers to staff the sales table during the launch. Most of the work is prior to the launch.
Certification Coordinator:
Coordinates the on-site certification attempts for both Tripoli and NAR. Works with the Tripoli Prefect to witness Tripoli certifications. Develops a list of NAR certification witnesses for NAR certifications. Administers tests on-site for L2. Coordinates on-site TAPs for any of their needs. Coordinates with motor vendors if there are any certification motor specials.
Host Hotel / Banquet Coordinator:
Coordinates the Host Hotel and other nearby hotel discounts. Works with the Sundowner Ranch (Maryann) to coordinate the Banquet and Tripoli Annual Meeting. Coordinates with the TRA BoD Representative to ensure that they have everything necessary for their meetings. Develops budget, plans menu, obtains caterer (coordinated with Sundowner), and executes the Banquet. Works with the Event Director to host the Banquet Speaker.
Volunteer Coordinator:
Coordinates with the Executive Committee to get volunteers to help staff the various tables, setup, tear-down, and execution of the launch. Creates and orders volunteer “swag” for the volunteers. Maintains the snack and water provisions for the volunteers. Works with the Web Coordinator to develop the on-line signup for volunteers.
Media Coordinator:
Works with credentialing media and handling media requests. Issues Press Releases on behalf of ROC and the LDRS35 Committee. Works on-site with media approvals for “on the range” access.
Agencies Coordinator:
Works with BLM, the FAA, and the CA OSFM to obtain all the required permits and waivers for the event. This position will have substantial support from the current ROC BoD since we have a lot of experience in this area, so it’s a great way to learn and help us out with some paperwork.
LDRS is a great opportunity for ROC to continue to provide our great support to our members. In addition to providing the prestige of a national event and exposure throughout our region, we end up with funds for the club that helps us defray our long-term capital expenses like equipment, trailers, storage containers, etc… ROC is recognized all over the country as a great club to be in and that’s all due to the efforts of our volunteers. Step up to join that cadre of folks that really are on the inside and make things happen. Volunteer today!
You should contact me via email at allen@alumni.duke.edu

Happy 4th! The July Launch is next Saturday, the 11th.

Happy 4th of July!

Weather for next Saturday’s launch is looking good!

The high should be about 95°F with 25% humidity.

It should be close to calm in the morning, with a breeze picking up late morning and strengthening in the afternoon.

The UV index will be extremely high! Please remember sunblock, a hat, and portable shade if you have any!

As always in the desert, please plan to stay hydrated and be very watchful of children and pets.

Hope to see you next week, so have a safe holiday!

ROC to Host LDRS 35

It was announced at the LDRS 34 Tripoli banquet that the Rocketry Organization of California will be hosting LDRS 35.

Mark your calendar for June 8 to 12, 2016!  The actual launch dates and schedule are still being worked out, but is expected to be during that week. Launch activities will be at our normal Lucerne Valley launch site.

Based on experience hosting previous large national launches, including LDRS, we will be looking for additional help with a variety of activities.

Major thanks to Allen Farrington for spearheading our bid proposal!

More information will be published as things develop.

Please Check Out Our New Member Portal!

Please check out our new member portal and update your information!

You can find the new member page here. It is also the first item on the “Join” pull-down menu above.

We have started using new membership software and this website to manage the club. Each member profile has areas for contact information and the ways you are willing and able to help out.

This is the way we will be signing up new members, and tracking everyone going forward.

Of course, any information entered will be used only for club purposes, and not shared with anyone else. You can determine if any of your contact information will be shared with other members who log in.

Start Thinking About 2015 Board Elections

It is time again to start thinking about the Board of Directors election for 2015. Three positions will be up this year.

Executive members are eligible to run for the Board, and vote in the election.

More details on how to self nominate will be available soon. If you have thought about getting more directly involved in club operations, this is a way to make a major contribution.


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