ROCstock 35 Pre-Ordered T-Shirts Update

ROC tried something new for ROCstock 35: we attempted to do all of our T-shirt sales for ROCstock via pre-order.

Unfortunately, the experiment was NOT a roaring success.  We didn’t have sufficient lead-time, and as a result, we were caught out when our T-shirt supplier was swamped with work for another customer, and couldn’t get us our T-shirts until after ROCstock.

We gave folks the options of picking up their shirts at the next launch, or having ROC eat the shipping charges and mail them out.  Many folks did pick up their shirts in July, and quite a few were mailed out, as well.  There are still some shirts “in limbo”, however, and we sincerely apologize for the problems.

If you still haven’t received your ROCstock 35 shirts, please contact us, and we will do whatever it takes to connect you with the shirts you bought.

Online T-Shirt Sales Through Cafe Press

If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order a shirt for ROCstock 35, or if you would like to buy additional shirts, then you may now do so through Cafe Press.  Cafe Press is an online print-to-order vendor of shirts and other custom-printed merchandise, and they ship direct to the customer.

By using Cafe Press to supply shirts on-demand, we are able to offer a much wider variety of sizes and styles, without having to stock large numbers of items that may or may not sell.

Here’s a link to the ROCstock 35 online shop.

We’ll be adding additional “shops” at Cafe Press in the future, so please check back here later for more information!

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