Video Podcast Visits LDRS 35!

TMRO Podcast at LDRS 35:

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Prepare for the Lakebed Weather

Wednesday day should see a high temperature over 100°F. Then it should “cool down” to about 90°F highs on the weekend. The humidity will probably range from high single digits to about 20%. Protection from the Sun and hydration will be very important!

CTI VMAX Message from NAR and TRA

To our members:

The National Association of Rocketry’s Standards & Testing and Tripoli Rocketry Association’s Tripoli Motor Testing Chairmen are hereby enacting temporary Safety restriction for all Cesaroni Technology, Inc. VMAX reload motors equipped with delay charges.

We have both seen a growing number of VMAX flights using delay only recovery coming in ballistic at our flying fields, due to delay snuffing. It is believed that delay snuffing is likely a result of any extremely high burn rate motor completing its burn with a significant drop in pressure and/or temperature, breaking the burn ‘chain’, extinguishing or ‘snuffing’ the delay slug.

In light of the unpredictable VMAX delay performance and the resulting significant safety issues, we will now require all VMAX motor flights flown at NAR and Tripoli launch sites to have at least one electronic system installed for primary recovery. These electronics need to be able to handle the short G period of these motors to insure “Flight in progress” triggers. The safety restriction will be lifted when the manufacturer has provided documentation to the three motor certification committee chairman which includes the root cause analysis, the corresponding design changes undertaken by the manufacture to address the issue, and implements the necessary changes.

Any questions about this restriction may be sent to your respective organization’s motor test chair


Steve Lubliner
NAR Safety Committee Chairman

Paul Holmes
Tripoli Motor Testing Chairman

Help Needed for LDRS Registration

ROC members and supporters. We need your help.  We are looking for volunteers. Please help out by committing to work registration for LDRS. Any and all help is appreciated.

There are many other opportunities to volunteer at LDRS. Please consider paying back to your club.

If you are willing to help, please contact us on the chat and we will line you up.

ROC is a tremendous organization who runs on the support of our members. Hosting a national launch is big deal and we want to make it as great as possible.

Mike Ostby,
on behalf of your ROC Board and LDRS35 Executive Planning Committee