February Launch Report

Greetings all.
Despite concerns and a forecast for a for the evil “W” blowing out the launch, conditions were actually very nice throughout the morning.  At 7:30am temps were warmer than expected at about 55 degrees and the range was open shortly after thanks to Mr. Mike Ostby, Presidente extraordinaire for having the trailer on the lakebed by 7am. and help from the club getting the range setup fast.
There were quite a few flights and no waiting with just a few light breezes.  Around 11am someone did flip the “W” switch to the high “on” position and we had to shut down the range pretty quickly.  Within 10 minutes it went from 5-10mph to 30+ with gusts to 40mph.  That is pretty typical timing for the lakebed though.  Overall it was a great launch hanging out with friends and flying rockets. 
Membership cards will be available at the March launch.  Remember, for Executive Members there is no longer a $5.00 fee but you will still need to sign in at registration each month and will be asked to show your ROC membership card.  When you pick up your membership card you will also receive a lanyard and ID card holder to make it easier to remember to bring and show your membership card at the launch.
Flight numbers…..
A – 3
B – 8
C – 6
D – 7
E – 4
F – 5
G – 10
H – 11
I – 9
J – 3
K – 2
L – 1
3 rockets left on pads when the wind came up and we had to close down.
Total flights – 69
Hope to see everyone in March!
Gary Schneider


ROC’s New Trailer

Wanted to share with everyone some photos of our new trailer.  As you may know, we recently decided to sell the old big trailer as it simply was too large.  We wanted to downsize, clean-up and streamline the equipment used for ROCstock and ROCtober launches.  The new trailer is 14 feet long, full height and much lighter than the old one.  It can be easily towed by any vehicle that can handle 5,000 lbs.  Kurt Gugisburg has spent many hours building shelves, storage boxes and transforming the new trailer into something that will serve ROC well for many years to come. THANK YOU Kurt!

This is your new trailer ROC!


February Launch Update

ROC will be holding it’s scheduled launch tomorrow.  The forecast does predict wind.  The forecast numbers are mostly within acceptable conditions for launching.  We will hope for best.  As we have all seen in the past, conditions out on the lakebed are very often different than forecast.  It’s very possible that we will see the normal wind pattern of a nice morning with increasing wind as the day progresses.

Mike Ostby,  President

February Launch

Hello ROC,

I hope everyone is looking forward to and preping rockets for the up comming launch. The forecast looks great. The equipment trailer will be on the lakebed by 7 AM. As soon as the range and registration is set up we’ll start flying. As always, help is appreciated.
Registration will have your 2018 membership cards once they arrive to the lakebed. If you renew or pay membership fees by Monday, February 5th, 6PM, then your card will be printed and available at the launch. The next printing will be in several months.
See everyone on Saturday!
Mike Ostby,
ROC President