January Launch Cancelled

The Jan 12th launch is cancelled. The government shut down has delayed the FAA from issuing our 2019 CoA (waiver). The lakebed is also in marginal condition. Although the surface may be dry, below the crust it’s still wet. The forecast also is calling for a chance of wet weather this weekend and several days next week.

ROC is encouraging folks to fly with our friends to the south, Tripoli San Diego. Their launch is a go for this weekend. Please see their website. http://www.tripolisandiego.org

New Year, Renewed Safety Message

With a new year upon us, it is a good time to stop and consider the way we run our launches and what it takes to do so.
The Board of Directors has members in attendance at every launch, and usually fill the major roles, such at Launch Director, Range Safety Officer, etc. None of the range positions requires membership on the board, and we could not operate without a large group of volunteers who fill positions such as Launch Control Officer, Pad Manager, and of course range set-up and break-down. These volunteers literally keep our club running. Our policy outlining the expectations for each position are linked below.

Safety should always be our overriding priority, with every rocket and every flight. We will be working with range volunteers to ensure we maintain our standards, and follow our written policies without exception. We need everyone to help with this! Please follow the flyer responsibilities, and if you see anything that doesn’t look safe to you, please discuss it with the RSO, LD, LCO, or any board member immediately.

Mike Ostby, President
Gary Schneider, Vice President
Neal Hunstein, Secretary
Kurt Gugisberg, Director
Allen Farrington, Director
Adam Dean, Director
Gregg Halligan, Director
Andrew Wimmer, Director
David Smith, Director

Read more information on flyer responsibilities here: https://rocstock.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/roc-flyer-responsibilities.pdf

Volunteers run our launches. Read more about their range duties here: https://rocstock.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/range-duties-policy.pdf