map of lucerne dry lake

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From almost anywhere south of the San Bernardino Mountains, take I-10 to I-15 or I-215 north. I-15 and I-215 merge to become just I-15; I-15 then goes over the 4000+ foot Cajon Pass, and into the Mojave Desert. Just before Victorville, take the Bear Valley Road exit and head east. This will go through south Victorville and Hesperia and Apple Valley and eventually merge with CA route 18. Continue on CA-18 until you reach Lucerne Valley and the junction with CA-247. Go north on CA-247 for a few miles as it crosses Lucerne Dry Lake.

If you are arriving from the north, Lucerne Dry Lake is about 30 miles south of Barstow on CA 247 (Barstow Road exit from I-15). CA-58 from Bakersfield is the best route inland from all points north and west.

That-a-wayAbout the middle of the dry lake, you will see a group of vehicles way out on the lake on the west side. On your left will appear a dirt road, usually marked by a “ROC” sign (from the Hwy 18/Hwy 247 junction to the turnoff is about 3.8 miles, near mile marker 49). Note that the dirt road is actually pretty good for nearly every type of vehicle except those really lowered sporty things. You really don’t have to drive over the embankment! (much) Drive out the dirt road and say hi!

However, Brother John (don’t need no stinking mile markers!!) Van Norman has this to add:

“Sheez, guys (and girls), come on!! All you have to do is get to 247 and head north a couple of miles–see that big, flat, dry thing on both sides? That’s the lakebed–see ALL THOSE TRUCKS, VANS, RV’S, CAR’S, SKATEBOARDS SITTING OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT BIG FLAT, DRY THING ALL BY THEMSELVES?? IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THAT SPACE?? SEE THOSE NEAT LOOKING COLUMNS OF SMOKE RISING AT HIGH SPEED FROM THE THE MIDDLE OF THAT MASS OF HUMANITY? How could anyone possibly miss us??”

How indeed?

If you are arriving the night before, you may spot some blue reflectors marking the road set out by those arriving earlier.

If you prefer: Google map view – or – Google satellite view