T’was the Night…

Reposted from the old rocstock.org web site. How old is this? Read to the end! There’s a lot of memories in there… – Jeff

T’was the Night. . .
by “Brother John” Van Norman

Tis, was the night before Christmas
And all through the shop,
There was the sound of the hand tools
This was no time to stop!!
The casings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that a re-load would soon be found there!
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of M motors danced in dad’s head
And the wife stood there tapping her foot in dismay
Hoping the smell of the glue would soon float away–

Then out on the lawn there rose such a clatter
I ran from the shop to see what was the matter–
Away down the drive way I flew in a flash
And up to the brown truck that was loaded with stash!!
All of these boxes he began to unload
With tubing and G10 and a big ol’ nose cone!
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a box that said “Hey, buddy, your M casing’s in here!!”
I signed for the driver, so lively and fat
And ran to the house saying “I must e-mail the Chat!!

So right to my keyboard my fingers they flew–
“Hey, guys, I got all these parts–now what do I do?”
From all over ROC land the answers they came
From all of the writers, I knew them by name!
One from Kurt, one from Ron, one from Rick, one from Greg
A couple from Hyam, and a couple from Wedge
There was one there from Kerry, Terry, and Ken
Thirty-seven from Eric, and Jeff G. then stepped in–
There was Kelly who said he wanted to race
Till Brother John wrote a sermon, put him back in his place!!
Gary and Frances wrote to wish me good luck
Jeff Stai wrote me back, said “You’re one lucky %&*$” !!
Steve R. sent a program, he called it “Win ROC”
Carl asked if it ‘d be ready to fly at ROCstock!
Even Wayne passed some gas, then sent me some mail
Larry offered his glue gun, Bill offered his rail–
The Rowes said they show up and fly them some G’s
And Tom said he’d be there and fly him some C’s
Barry checked to see if I wanted it glassed–
Chuck said “Thatta boy, son, now go have a blast!
Rick D. sent in one in, said, “Let’s blow it up!!”
Bob said he’d send out a dead rubber duck.

So many, there was, I left a bunch out
But, with all of the ROCers there left little doubt
On to the new year, and on we will be
If this gets to long, Ron hit’s the “DEL” key!!

So I wrote them all back, and I knew I was right
When I said “MERRY CHRISTMAS, all ROCer’s–
And all ROCer’s GOOD NIGHT!!”

May you all have a very Merry Christmas!! Be safe out there!!
Let’s ROC in 2000!!