Stage II FIRE Restrictions in Effect on the Lakebed

Due to extremely dry conditions the BLM has imposed Stage II fire restrictions for much of California, including our launch site on Lucerne Dry Lake. Note that Highway 247 is the boundary, and the area on the East side of 247 is under stage I restrictions.

Under Stage II restriction:
*No open fires of any kind are allowed.
*Controlled flame devices such as portable stoves and lanterns with shut-off valves, using gas, jellied petroleum, or pressurized liquid fuel are allowed with a valid California Campfire Permit (see link below).
*Smoking is allowed inside vehicles or camp trailers, but no smoking is allowed outside.
These restrictions run through October 28, 2022.

Since our BLM permit and FAA Certificate of Authorization specifically allow rocket launching, we may continue to hold our scheduled and permitted launches.

LDRS 40 Pre-Registration ends May 31

Advance flying registration for all four days of LDRS 40 is $30. Registration must be completed, and payment received by May 31, 2022! After this date flyers will need to register on-site at a rate of $20 per day. Advance Flyer’s Registration provides a $50 discount from the full on-site price. Late payment will void registration.

Current ROC Members are FREE when you pre-register! Onsite registration for ROC members will be $10.00 a day. 

Click here to register now.


We’ve had two great launches thus far in 2022!! 

January 8th Launches

1/2 A: 2

A: 6

B: 9

C: 23

D: 12

E: 11

F: 11

G: 18

H: 10

I: 15

J: 5

K: 3

For a total of 125 Flights!  

Certification Flights:

There were 2 Level 1 attempts and 1 Level 2 attempt!  Congratulations to all those that were successful! 

February 12th Launches

1/2 A: 1

A: 2

C: 19

D: 9

E: 3

F: 21

G: 10

H: 21

I: 9

J: 14

K: 7

For a total of 116 flights!

Certification Flights: 

There were 2 Jr Level 1, 9  Level 1 attempts and 4 Level 2 attempts. Congratulations to all those that were successful! 

Our next launch is scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2022!  As always, weather permitting! 

Cari Schneider

ROC Membership Director

February Launch Reminders

Hi All, 

Our February monthly ROC launch is coming up Saturday February 12th. 

The BOD is experimenting with an optional survey to gauge launch attendance ahead of time. The form is here and hopefully self explanatory: . We’ll be spending a good amount of time looking at data trends before starting to use it-and it’ll only be used to help us set rough expectations for resource needs. To reiterate, this is entirely optional, and if your plans change or you forget, that’s 100% okay and expected. 

Expect chilly morning temperatures with moderate daytime highs, and as always come prepared with sunscreen and water. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!



January 8 Launch is a GO!

After an on site inspection and a review of the forecast, the January 8 launch is a go!

The lakebed is currently in good shape and no rain expected in the coming week.

We hope to see everyone at the launch on Saturday!