Nov ROCstock Postponed, 3-Day ROCstock Dec 7, 8, 9th!

The November 10-11 ROCstock has been cancelled. ROCstock has been rescheduled for December. This will be a three day event beginning Friday, December 7th, going through Sunday afternoon, December 9th.

Although conditions on the lakebed continue to improve, they are still not acceptable to hold a launch. ROC is working closely with the BLM and a grading contractor to restore the site to acceptable conditions.

Board of Director Election results will be announced via roc-chat/announce and posted to the website the weekend of November 10th. Voting will close as originally announced November 8th. The Annual Membership Meeting will be held at ROCstock the afternoon of December 8th. The new Board of Directors will again be announced during the Membership Meeting and will meet thereafter to vote for 2019 officers.

See everyone in December!

Lakebed Conditions Wed 10-17 10 AM

Wed 10-17 10 AM update.
As soon as we pick up all the trash we’ll  heading off  the lakebed for good. Conditions continue to improve. The north access route is rough and still wet in places but doable in small SUVs. Do not drive on the road proper. It’s still flooded. Stay on the south bank until you are across from the launch site before cutting over. DO NOT try to come in on the south access road where the rocket launch signs were. It is not accessible and still very flooded. As in my last report yesterday there is also a route off the lakebed to the south. It is longer, but some say better. Full size class A RVs were able to drive off. Either way, please use caution. Remember,  High Desert 4 X 4 Recovery can help if you get in a bind. You can reach out to them via Facebook.  ROC will probably only be on the lakebed until noon

Tues Afternoon Launch Site Update

Tues afternoon 4 PM update launch site conditions. Much improved. ROC will no longer be on site after Wed 10-17 late morning.

High Desert 4 x 4 Recovery is here today with scheduled tows.  They can help if you contact them. They suggested they can be here tomorrow as well.

Both access roads from highway 247 are still flooded. Only 4 x 4 accessability.  High Desert 4 x 4 Recovery has found a way out that 2 wheel drive vehicles and RVs and trailers were having great success this afternoon. It is long, unestablished and convaluted and MUCH to difficult to describe. They are more than happy to escort anyone out if you contact them via their Facebook page.

Noon update – Launch Cancelled

No changes. Launch cancelled. Standing water. Currently no access.  Both access roads are flooded. Please do not try to travel through.

Saturday 5am weather update

Steady rain since Midnight. Still raining. Will post Updates as we can. We’ll report on lakebed conditions as soon as we sun up and we can see things.

Mike Ostby