Help Needed for LDRS Registration

ROC members and supporters. We need your help.  We are looking for volunteers. Please help out by committing to work registration for LDRS. Any and all help is appreciated.

There are many other opportunities to volunteer at LDRS. Please consider paying back to your club.

If you are willing to help, please contact us on the chat and we will line you up.

ROC is a tremendous organization who runs on the support of our members. Hosting a national launch is big deal and we want to make it as great as possible.

Mike Ostby,
on behalf of your ROC Board and LDRS35 Executive Planning Committee

LDRS 35 Weather Guesstimate

The crystal ball is clearing and the weather for LDRS 35 is coming into focus.

High temperatures will peak this weekend (June 4), and then begin easing by the start of LDRS. Wednesday, June 8, will see a high temperature in the mid-90s, but Thursday through Saturday high temperatures should be close to 90°F (32°C) on the lakebed. Sunday, June 12, it will begin warming again.

No precipitation is expected for as long as I care to predict.

Winds will be from the West/South-West at 12 to 15 MPH in the afternoon next week, with calmer conditions around dawn. Gusts in the 20 to 25 MPH range are possible in the evenings.

UV strength will range from high to extreme, so sunblock and protection from sun exposure is very important. The only shade on the lakebed is what you bring!

Humidity on the lakebed is expect to be around 15% to 20% all week, so dehydration is a serious threat, especially for those who are not acclimated to the desert South-West.

Protection from the sun and drinking plenty of water are important considerations for anyone coming to LDRS! Keep a close eye on your children for symptoms of heat illness, and please leave your pets at home!

Weather on the Lucerne Dry Lakebed can, and does, change in the blink of an eye. Stay tuned for updates…

Tripoli Annual Banquet Guest Speaker!

ROC is proud to announce that the featured speaker at the LDRS 35 Banquet will be Mark Adler, the JPL Project Manager for the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator Project (aka NASA’s flying saucer from last year’s testing).

NASA LDSD Project Page

LDRS 35 Advance Registration is Closed, Tripoli Banquet Registrations still Open

LDRS 35 registration will only be available at the event. The registration fee for flyers will be $75. Spectators are free, and so is camping on the lake bed.

Registration for the Tripoli Banquet is still open, and still $35 per person. To register, go to the ROC membership portal.

ROC Election Season is Approaching!

In the near future we will be calling for self nominations for election to the ROC Board of Directors.

Due to various factors five if the nine current director terms will be up for election this year.

Normally three seats come up each year, but some vacancies occurred. Our by-laws provide for the Board to appoint members to fill a vacancy until the next scheduled election. In addition to the three normal three-year terms, there will be a one-year and a two-year term to be filled.

The incumbents are eligible to run again.

If you have thought about getting more involved with the club’s behind the scenes process, this is your opportunity.

Executive and Life members are eligible to run, and vote, in ROC elections.


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