LDRS-39 Has Been Postponed to 2021

From the LDRS-39 Launch Director:

Dear Rocketry Community:
The Utah Rocket Club (UROC) LDRS 39 organizing committee held a Zoom meeting recently. The purpose of the meeting was to review the current and projected status of COVID-19 as it relates to UROC conducting a successful LDRS 39 launch.
With country-wide layoffs and furloughs, the income of a significant portion of rocketeers will most likely be impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Even if safety restrictions are relaxed, the committee believes that many of the hopeful registrants may not be able to afford the costs of travel and registration for the trip to Bonneville. It is more likely that flyers will attend local and regional launches for the remainder of 2020, and that’s assuming local launches can be safely organized.
After much listening, discussion, careful consideration, UROC has made the difficult decision to postpone LDRS 39 until 2021. Given the reality of COVID-19 and the unknown impacts on a large launch like LDRS, UROC believes this is the correct decision. The health and well-being of rocketry participants, spectators, and staff is our top priority.
With a unanimous vote, the Tripoli Board of Directors supports this decision and has graciously agreed to allow UROC to host LDRS in 2021. At this time, UROC believes the dates will be Thursday, July 29 through Sunday, August 1, 2021.
Some of you who already registered for LDRS 39 may need that money now more than ever. Anyone who has paid for registration (including shirts and banquet tickets) can receive a full refund upon request.  Send a request to refund@uroc.org with your name and phone number, and someone from UROC will be in touch promptly.
You also have the option of keeping your registration, (including shirts and banquet), and volunteer slots on file for LDRS 39, 2021.
Any registrant that reserved a room at the event hotel should cancel their reservations. There’s no cancellation fee, but you must cancel through the hotel. Please note, you may have to call several times or leave messages as the hotels and casinos in Wendover are currently shuttered. UROC will provide new hotel information as the new dates approach. The event hotel may change for next year’s event.
The LDRS 39 Committee will contact any vendor who has already committed prizes or goods directly. UROC will work with vendors regarding how they would like the committee to proceed with their donations.
UROC is grateful to Tripoli for allowing us the opportunity to host LDRS 39 and share the Salt Flats with our rocketry community!
Please stay safe and fly high (if you can). See you in 2021!
The Utah Rocket Club

May 9th Launch Canceled

For the time being the May 9th launch is canceled. Since ROC is both a NAR Section and a Tripoli Prefecture we will wait until both national organizations have lifted their moratoriums. We also will comply with the San Bernardino County Public Health Order until it is rescinded. ROC is working on a Covid-19 social distancing guideline that may need to be implemented if we are permitted to have a launch. It will align with County Health Department reccomendations.

Safer at Home Rocketry Contest 2020 Update

We just added a prize sponsor – Discount Rocketry. They are a source for kits, motors, and most anything you need. Please support them at: Discountrocketry.com (760-224-0300)
And we’re adding another category for all of you who don’t necessarily want to design a multiple motor rocket – “The Prettiest” (you don’t even have to fly it) – to be judged by ROC Board member Adam Dean.

Tripoli and NAR Moratorium Extended

From Steve Shannon, President of Tripoli:
The Tripoli board of directors voted today to extend the moratorium on Tripoli group activities and launches for an additional two weeks. Everyone stay safe!

We also unanimously approved extending memberships to match.


March 28: Update on COVID-19 Policy for National Association of Rocketry

The recommendations from the White House and CDC on minimizing the risk and spread of COVID-19 continue to be that all “Avoid social gatherings in groups of 10 people.”

This recommendation is pretty clear and should be followed by all to help slow down and stop this rapidly growing health concern.

Based on the current recommendations of the federal government; and increasingly many states and local governments that require people to stay home, as the President of the NAR Board, I am extending the following policy to remain in effect until April 16, 2020:

1. All NAR Sections shall postpone or cancel Section launches, meetings, and other group activities during this period.
2. There shall be no organized launches, meetings, and other group activities of 10 or more persons during this period.

I will send an update on the policy on or before April 16.

I ask that all members please adhere to the intent and spirit of this policy and help to protect all who would be attending a launch from the possible infection of this virus.

Thank you and please be safe!

John Hochheimer
National Association of Rocketry

April 11 Launch is Cancelled

Due to the current Covid-19 situation and the Governors “Stay at home” order, ROC is cancelling the April launch.  We will continue to monitor the situation for any changes and updates.  In the meantime work on those builds, and participate in the Safer at home build challenge!  Hope to see everyone in May.
Gary Schneider
ROC Vice President
ROC’s Safer at Home Rocket Contest (March 24 until ??)
The contest is to build a rocket from either scratch or kit bash a rocket and to see what range of motors it will fly on. The person who successfully launches and recovers a rocket with the widest range of motors is the overall winner. See the contest post for details.