February Launch Update

ROC will be holding it’s scheduled launch tomorrow.  The forecast does predict wind.  The forecast numbers are mostly within acceptable conditions for launching.  We will hope for best.  As we have all seen in the past, conditions out on the lakebed are very often different than forecast.  It’s very possible that we will see the normal wind pattern of a nice morning with increasing wind as the day progresses.

Mike Ostby,  President

February Launch

Hello ROC,

I hope everyone is looking forward to and preping rockets for the up comming launch. The forecast looks great. The equipment trailer will be on the lakebed by 7 AM. As soon as the range and registration is set up we’ll start flying. As always, help is appreciated.
Registration will have your 2018 membership cards once they arrive to the lakebed. If you renew or pay membership fees by Monday, February 5th, 6PM, then your card will be printed and available at the launch. The next printing will be in several months.
See everyone on Saturday!
Mike Ostby,
ROC President

LDRS and May Launch

ROC will not be holding a launch in May 2018. Instead, we encourage everyone to attend LDRS 37 which Tripoli Central California (TCC) is hosting near Helm, CA May 16-20.
Event details are at LDRS37.org and questions related to the event should be directed to their website. Registration for the event is open, and if you register online before March 31, 2018, you can save $10 over the on-site rate.

January Launch Cancelled

Due to continued pooling of water and muddy conditions persisting on the lake bed from the rain earlier this week, the BOD has decided to cancel the January launch. We apologize for the late notice and hope to see everyone in February.

Last Call For January Membership Cards

2018 ROC membership cards will be printed very soon so that they can be available for pick up at the January 13th launch.  In order for your card to be included in the first printing you need to log onto the membership portal at: https://roc.wildapricot.org/  and either renew or join before this Sat, Jan 6th 11:59 PM.  Joining and renewals MUST be processed through:  https://roc.wildapricot.org/ .  Unfortunately, we can not process memberships on-site at the lakebed.

Remember, by renewing or becoming a ROC Executive Member you and your direct family members fly free at all ROC events in 2018!  Non-members will continue to be charged a $20 flyers fee.  See the Rocstock.org website launch fee page, https://rocstock.org/fee-schedule/ for all the 2018 fee changes.
There will be a second printing of membership cards in a few months for those folks who renew or join after the Jan 6th deadline. It will be important for those folks to print and show a copy of their receipt at registration until their cards are printed.
If you must have your card sent to you in the mail, then please send me a request stating your reason. Please DO NOT reply to this notice or post on ROC-chat or Facebook with your request. Send it to mikeostby@gmail.com and I will see that your card is sent to you.
Thank you and looking forward to seeing everyone on the 13th!
Mike Ostby
ROC President