Ballots are Being Prepared, and Will Be Mailed Shortly

Ballots for the ROC 2016 election are being prepared and will be mailed shortly. Please take a moment to ensure your mailing address on the member portal is up to date.

Each Executive, Life, and Board Member should receive a ballot. You will also receive information submitted by the candidates.

The ballot will be postage paid, so you simply mark up to five (5) of the six (6) candidates and drop it in the return mail.

We will also publish a notice when the ballots actually go out in the mail, so you can be looking for yours.

Results will be announced at the Annual Membership Meeting, which is held at November ROCstock. Visitors are welcome, of course.

Self-Nomination Deadline Extended.

The ROC board has extended the deadline for self-nomination for board positions through this weekend.

There are a number of members, and regular guests, who volunteer to help with the tasks needed to keep the club running. However, the board of directors generally are the ones who ensure things get done and the club operates as efficiently as it does.

Last year we didn’t hold formal elections because there were not enough members who self-nominated to fill the available positions. Vacancies were filled with appointments by the board. Those appointments were valid until the next (this) election.

We are in danger of having the same situation this year. At present we do not have enough nominees to fill the five positions that are up for election.

Self-Nominations are Now Open for the 2016 ROC Board of Directors Election

ROC Board Elections are coming up rapidly. Five seats are up for election this year. Three are the full three year term, and two are shorter terms as the current board members are filling previous vacancies. In the event of a vacancy, or lack of nominees, the board appoints members to fill the seat until the next election. The individual elected to that seat serves the remainder of that term.
The window for self-nominations is now open, and will run until September 1.
If you want to help with the month to month operation of ROC, consider nominating yourself for the board.
To submit a self-nomination, send a statement of why you would be an asset to the club if you serve as a director. Please include a recent photo of yourself.

Send them to:

Snail Mail:
David Erbas-White
P. O. Box 323
Lake Forest CA 92609-0323

Thank you to David Erbas-White for again volunteering to be the ROC Elections Chairperson.
Please remember that self-nominations must be sent to the email address above by September 1.

Only current Executive Members and Life Members are eligible to run for the board. Incumbents are eligible to run for re-election.

Weather Guestimate for August Launch: Warm, Calm, Chance of Smoke

The high temperature on Saturday, August 13 should be 97°F, with calm conditions early.

Humidity will be low, and the UV index high, so plan on staying hydrated and use plenty of sunblock!

Currently (Monday) there is a fire South o Hesperia that is causing smokey conditions through most of the area, and we will continue to monitor as thing develop.

We hope to see everyone at the lakebed!

Video Podcast Visits LDRS 35!

TMRO Podcast at LDRS 35: