Attendance at events hosted by the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC) is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Insurance to cover your rocketry activities is available as a benefit of membership in either the National Association of Rocketry or the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Please note that membership in ROC does NOT include insurance, or any assumption of liability on the part of ROC. ROC membership allows you to fly at all of our launches without paying the daily launch fees, and a few other membership benefits. All attendees at ROC events must check in at REGISTRATION at the launch and sign the ROC Agreement and Liability Release Form to indicate understanding and acceptance of the risk and liability. Spectators and flyers will be given a wristband to indicate that they have registered.

Everyone is welcome to come out and watch us fly (and it is totally free!) Launches usually start around 8AM and continue until 1PM or until we run out of motors or the weather becomes unbearable.

However, rocketry is an inherently dangerous activity – objects often fall from the sky, sometimes at a very high speed. We have rules and procedures to make this activity safe for everyone as possible, but bad things can happen if the rules are not followed. Everyone attending must check in at registration and follow these rules to ensure safety:

  • Pay attention! Every flight is potentially dangerous to you and your family. If the Launch Control Officer (LCO) yells “Heads up!” they mean it!
  • Parents please keep your children under control and be sure they understand these rules.
  • Please stay behind the flagged flight line barrier, and please do not set up your chairs etc. at the barrier.
  • If the LCO announces a flight as a “Heads Up” flight, that means get on your feet and pay attention until the rocket’s recovery device deploys, or until the rocket is on/in the ground.
  • If you are away from the pad area and cannot hear the public address speakers, please tune your FM radio to 90.1 MHz to monitor LCO announcements.
  • Do not attempt to catch any rocket as it lands. Even a small rocket can cause an injury.
  • Do not pick-up or move any rocket that is not yours, unless you have the owner’s permission.
  • Do not operate wheeled vehicles along the flight line. This includes ATVs, bicycles, tricycles, etc.
  • Park your car behind the line marked on the lakebed, and please do not park in any areas designated for vendors or for launch administration.
  • RVs and motor homes must park in the second row.
  • Please drive 3mph as you approach the launch area, and within the launch area. A vehicle moving any faster can raise a surprising amount of very annoying dust!
  • Overnight camping is permitted. Campfires are permitted in above ground containers – no firepits!
  • Please use only the provided toilet facilities (porta potties). Please do not throw trash into the porta potties! Human waste, toilet paper and sanitary products only please.
  • Please keep control of your trash and carry it off the lakebed when you leave.