ROCstock, June 9 to 11, 2017

We will be setting up the parking area and range starting on Thursday, June 8th. Volunteers are needed to tow both the small and the large equipment trailers. The sooner they are brought to the lake-bed the sooner setup can begin. Ideally, we’d like to have the trailers on-site by noon Thursday.

Before launching can start Friday ,Saturday and Sunday mornings we’ll need an LCO, RSO and Pad Manager. There will be a Flyers Meeting each morning. Registration could also use some helpers.

Rocstock will be a pack-out event. NO trash dumpsters will be provided. Please plan on packing out your own trash. Please do your part in keeping our launch site clean.

If you plan to attend please consider volunteering any way you can. If your able to help with towing please contact me directly so we can make arrangements.

Mike Ostby
ROC President

Are you planning a project that is complex-M or larger for ROCstock?

We are working to finalize the layout for the range, and need to know if anyone needs the 1500 foot away pads.

Please let us know if your project has multiple (staged or clustered) motors totaling more than 5,120 Newton-Seconds.

Email David Smith

ROC Board Member

please email David Smith

LDRS 37 Coming Back to California, Hosted by TCC

It has just been announced that Tripoli Central California has been selected by the TRA board of directors to host LDRS 37 in May of 2018.

TCC launches south-west of Fresno, and you may have heard of their “Dairy Aire” launch.

We will be looking forward to more details, but please pencil in LDRS 37 as May 16 to 20, 2018.

The TCC Web Site

RRS to Host a Rocket and Space Exhibit and Symposium in April

The Reaction Research Society is hosting a “Rocket and Space Exhibit and Symposium” April 22, in Gardena. More information is available on their webpage:

Here is their flier for the event.

ROC will be an exhibitor and have a table to promote hobby rocketry and our club. We are looking for ROC flyers interested in helping out at our table. The general plan is to have a couple of rockets representing model and high power, and other information about the hobby.

If you are interested in helping with our table, please email David Smith.

February Launch Cancelled

‚ÄčThe Board has decided to cancel the February launch.  Although most of the lakebed and our actual launch site is in remarkably good condition, the entrances are not.  The back way in has one section that is marginally passable for some vehicles. Towing the ROC equipment trailer to the site is not possible at this time, nor is access for the porta potty delivery truck.

Keep working on your projects and plan to attend the March launch.  The access roads should be in acceptable condition by then if the weather cooperates.

Mike Ostby,

ROC President