January 8 Launch is a GO!

After an on site inspection and a review of the forecast, the January 8 launch is a go!

The lakebed is currently in good shape and no rain expected in the coming week.

We hope to see everyone at the launch on Saturday!

Possible Cancelation of January Launch

Due to recent and continuing rain on the lakebed the board will likely have to cancel the January 8 launch. There is currently a flood watch in effect for Lucerne Valley until tomorrow.

We continue to monitor conditions, and will make a final announcement after an on-site inspection this weekend.

With the current LA Nina weather pattern, we are also concerned for the February launch.

None of us want to cancel, but muddy conditions make the lake bed hazardous.

ROCStock Reminders

Hi All, Our November ROCStock launch is coming up next Friday-Sunday, November 12-14. 
The BOD is experimenting with an optional survey to gauge launch attendance ahead of time. The form is here and hopefully self explanatory:  https://forms.gle/SQj2Sib5G9fBgc2e7 . We’ll be spending a good amount of time looking at data trends before starting to use it-and it’ll only be used to help us set rough expectations for resource needs. To reiterate, this is entirely optional, and if your plans change or you forget, that’s 100% okay and expected. 
This is our first November ROCStock in a few years, so if it’s been a while since you’ve camped out on the lakebed, be sure to review the camping and survival page here: https://rocstock.org/camping-survival/ as well as any other pages you may find relevant to your questions. 
We will be holding our annual members meeting on Saturday at a TBD time. 
As always, monitor the website, social media and/or our email lists for last minute updates. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!


Rain on the Lakebed

After up to an inch of rain there is very little standing water, but the lakebed is saturated. With no additional rain we should be good for ROCstock. We will be continuously monitoring conditions. It has been confirmed as a La Nina year, so stay tuned.

Tomorrow’s Launch is CANCELLED!

Due to rain on the lakebed we must cancel the launch tomorrow.

We have been informed bybthe vendor that conditions are too wet for the porta-potties to be delivered.

As I write this it is still raining on the lakebed. Hope to see everyone for November ROCstock.