Attendance at events hosted by the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC) is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Insurance to cover your rocketry activities is available as a benefit of membership in either the National Association of Rocketry or the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Please note that membership in ROC does NOT include insurance, or any assumption of liability on the part of ROC. ROC membership allows you to fly at all of our launches without paying the daily launch fees, and a few other membership benefits. All attendees at ROC events must check in at REGISTRATION at the launch and sign the ROC Agreement and Liability Release Form to indicate understanding and acceptance of the risk and liability. Spectators and flyers will be given a wristband to indicate that they have registered.

This may not be required for a successful cert flight,but it can’t hurt…

ROC is able and eager to help all flyers earn their certifications from the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA). For specific requirements, please visit these web sites. (Note also that NAR has a Junior Certification program for flyers under 18 – please check the NAR site for details.)

Several ROC members have written some helpful articles on certifying – you can read these on our Advanced Rocketry page (below the Learn menu button.)

Note that for both organizations, you may join at the launch and certify Level 1 pending application approval and receiving your membership number.

Also, in all cases be sure to fill out the correct flight card and indicate that this is a Certification flight at the top of the card

Don’t forget to get the paperwork signed!

For Level 1 and Level 2 NAR Certification, we always have enough NAR members with Level 2 available at a launch who would be happy to sign off your Certification. Ask the RSO or any ROC Board member at the launch to help you find NAR members to witness your flight.

For Level 1 and Level 2 TRA Certification, these must be signed off by our Tripoli Prefect or a TAP member.  You can contact them via the Contact page to make sure they will be attending the launch.

For Level 3 NAR Certification, or Level 3 TRA Certification, please use the form below to contact our local L3CC/TAP members.