Advanced Rocketry

Brother JohnThese are technical articles written by ROC members for ROC members. If you would like to contribute (hint hint), please contact us via the Contact page. We can help edit and format articles for the web, so you don’t have to worry about that. Ideas for articles you would like to see are helpful, but it might be awhile before we can rope anyone, that is, find anyone interested in writing it.

Several of the documents in this collection are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format and as such, require the Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you do not have it, you may download it from the Adobe website.


“Level 1 Success” by Jeff Gortatowski – Keep It Simple!
“Level 1” by Brother John (Van Norman), Ministry of the Rocketeer
“More on Level 1” by Brother John (Van Norman), Ministry of the Rocketeer
“Level 1 Observations” by Kerry Garrison

Apogee Rockets Video on Level 1 Certification

Level 2, Some Information and Suggestions, by David Smith

“Carbon Copy” (Level 3 Docs & Fin Attachment for Min. Diameter) by Brad Ballreich (PDF)
“So You Want To Be a Level 3?” by Mark “Dok” Hanson
“Photon” Level 3 Documentation by Stephen Roberson(PDF)

Rocket Tracking

TRATECH 2022 Presentation on Rocket Tracking

Rocket Tracking Basics, Using Onboard Radio Transmitters, by David P Smith, W6DPS

Receiving APRS Data using a Droid Phone and Simple Receiver Interface , by David Smith, W6DPS

Mounting a Big Red Bee GPS Tracker in Your EBay, by David Smith, W6DPS

Some Youtube instructional videos from Apogee Rockets:

California Pyrotechnic Operator, Rockets Class Three

§1039. Supervision and Responsibility.
The licensed pyrotechnic operator in charge of the launch site or test site shall supervise the
arming of every experimental high power rocket motor, the launching of all motors, and the
disposal of all unwanted or defective motors. The licensed pyrotechnic operator shall also be
responsible for the safety of all spectators or observers and all other persons connected with
the launching of experimental high power rocket motors.
Authority: Section 12552 Health and Safety Code
Reference: Section 12552, Health and Safety Code

If you are interested in getting a California Pyrotechnic Operator License for Rocketry, ROC has a study group and some resources to help. Below are a description of the step by step process to obtain a license, ad a study guide to help prepare for the exam. Both of these documents were developed for ROC members. There is also a link to the “official” handbook for getting a license.

We have an email reflector to discuss the licensing process and study together for the exam. The list of participants includes current licensees and those interested in licensing. Any ROC flyers who are interested in getting a license are welcome to join.

To join the e-mail discussion group, click here.

How to get a Pyrotechnician Operator License, Rocketry Class Three

CalPyro Rocketry 3 Study guide

CalFire Study Handbook This has lot of information on various topics, not all of which relate to hobby rocketry. It does include all required reference material for the Rocketry Class 3 exam.