ROC Amateur Radio Information

Commonly Used Frequencies by ROC Hams Around the Lakebed:

  • 146.535 MHz (2m band): Simplex, normally monitored during launches
  • 145.180 MHz, -0.6 MHz/PL 123.0, Local repeater in Lucerne Valley

Wide area coverage:

  • 147.885 MHz, -600 KHz/PL 151.4 Barstow Amateur Radio Club, linked to 147.180 MHz (+600 KHz, PL151.4) located East of Barstow and covering Lucerne Valley, the 18 up to Holcomb Valley, The 247 from Barstow to Johnson Valley, I40 and I15 North of Barstow, and much of the surrounding area.
  • 147.330 MHz, +600 KHz/PL 131.8 Hz near Big Bear and covering a wide area north and east of the San Bernardino mountains.
  • 224.320 (-1.6MHz/PL 100 Hz) Ord Mountain, near the lakebed. Link to multiple other repeaters. See: W6SCE (Edison Amateur Radio Network) repeater list.

ROC Flyer Call Signs

If you’d like your call sign listed here on the ROC web site, or want to suggest additional contact frequencies, please use the comment form below.

      • KM6TCY, Mike Ostby, Beeline 70 cm GPS Only
      • K6AHF: Allen Farrington, Beeline 70 cm GPS Only
      • W6DPS: David P Smith, Amateur Extra, Ham Instructor, VE
      • KI6JUW, Jim Wold
      • KN6IGO, Gregg Halligan
      • KN6CLX, David Erbas-White, General
      • KM6ZFL, Chris Erving (Eggtimer Chris)
      • N6RTD: Rick Dickinson, Crayon Rocketeer
      • AG6VQ: Michael Klett, Rocket Science Beginner
      • AG6LD: Kenneth Brown, Itinerant Wanderer
      • AA6TB: Bob Koepke, AIAA OC Rocketry
      • WK6I: Jeff Stai, Occasional Wookie
      • KI6KGE: Matt Campbell, Lakestake Rocketry
      • KE6ECO: David Lichtman
      • W6ZH: Rob Brigham
      • KC6UVM: George J. Becker, from Lancaster, CA
      • KI8RK: Veronica Kirk, Amateur Extra
      • KG6QBN: Suzanne Gregory, Technician
      • KA6EYB: Sheila M. Blaise
      • KK6FXD: Chris Mandala
      • KK6FXF: Victor Mandala
      • KF6GNE: Leslie Mayer, Technician
      • KE6HGB: Scott Mayer, Technician
      • KD0GG: Alex Liu
      • AI6PG: Peter Grace, Amateur Extra
      • KJ6ZVN: Oscar Rolan, Technician
      • ND6G, Andy Tran, Amateur Extra
      • KB6CGZ, Owen Phairis, General
      • KM6DDP, Alex Jones, Technician, TeleMetrum/TeleBT 70 cm
      • KM6KWF, Chris Wilson
      • KK6ZSA, Stewart Gondo
      • KD0FTK, Andrew Wimmer, Beeline 70 cm GPS Only
      • K8JBL, Jenson Crawford
      • KE7SMH, James Healy
      • KM6KTV: Greg Nylen, General
      • KM6SZC, John Lees
      • KK6TNG, Robert Lees
      • W0ORG, Onawahya Jones
      • KM6ZCD, William Warne
      • KN6CJE, Richard Dierking
      • W6TUQ, Ralph Sellers, General, 144, 220, and 440 MHz
      • KK9MSO, Bryan Langholz
      • KC6LYB, Paul Cohen, Amateur Extra
      • KN6IYA, Ted Brady, General
      • N7RKT, Carlos Iitsuka, Technician
      • KG7APT, John Childs, General
      • KD6CMO, Ken Manatt, Amateur Extra
      • KM6UST, Drew Richardson, Technician
      • KA6KOI, Mark Lawson, Technician
      • KM6DXQ, Rob Hoegee, Technician

(more to come…)

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