Range Duty Positions and Procedures

ROC Flyers’ Responsibilities

Personnel Required to Conduct a Launch


We can not run launches without volunteers!
No Experience Necessary.
We will train you, just ask!

Launch Director (LD)
The Launch Director will be a member of the ROC Board of Directors, a ROC Officer, or designee. The launch director may fulfill any of the roles specified below except RSO, so long as it does not interfere with maintaining oversight of the launch.
The primary role of the LD is to ensure that the requirements defined in the Safety Code for running a Sanctioned Launch (i.e. insured launch) are met.

Range Safety Officer (RSO)
The Range Safety Officer’s primary responsibility is to assure the range is safe to launch, retrieve, and load model and high power rockets.

The RSO must be:
* A current member of the National Association of Rocketry or Tripoli Rocketry Association, in good standing
* Certified level two or three
* Experienced in high power rocketry
* Knowledgeable about rocket theory and hobby rocket motors
* Familiar with the rocketry safety regulations (NAR and Tripoli Safety Code, NFPA 1127, etc.)
* A safety conscious individual
* Appointed by the Launch Director
At low volume launches, the RSO may also perform FSR duties, if there is no conflict with RSO duties, but should have no other roles or responsibilities while RSO.

Launch Control Officer (LCO)
The Launch Control Officer is in charge of operating the Launch Control Panels, launching rockets, and communicating launch activities to flyers and participants.  The LCO shares responsibility with the Pad Manager for ensuring that unauthorized people are not allowed onto the range.

Flight Safety Reviewer (FSR)
The Flight Safety Reviewers are responsible for ensuring each rocket has been checked before each flight, and also for ensuring that the flight cards are filled out correctly and completely, and that the flyers are authorized to fly.  Each FSR must be HPR certified to at least Level 2.

Pad Manager (PM)
The Pad Manager is in charge of assigning pads to flyers, and shares responsibility with the LCO for restricting access to the range area.

FAA Authorization Holder
Will be responsible for:
* Ensuring the waiver is open before any high power launches
* Closing the waiver at the end of the launch
As needed, the FAA Authorization Holder may transfer duties to another responsible individual.

Pad Helper
Help folks that may need assistance in finding their assigned pad or getting their rocket ready for launch. Particularly helping youngsters and their families hook up their rockets to the front-row pads.

Registration Volunteer
Check flyers in, collect appropriate fees, and provide wristbands color coded to the flyer’s certification level.