Youth Groups

All ROC launches are open to everyone, and youth may fly their own rockets from our volunteer-run range.

Youth Group Policy Letter

Flyer’s fees are posted on the fee schedule. Non-member adult flyers must pay the regular flyer’s fee for each launch day.

To avoid schedule conflicts, we offer limited discounts to pre-registered youth groups. TARC teams who pre-register on schedule fly for free. Discounts are not available:

  • if many groups have already signed up to attend a particular launch,
  • at multi-day events, including ROCStock, NSL, and LDRS, or
  • less than two weeks before a launch.

Apply for a group discount by completing and submitting the form below at least two weeks in advance. A ROC volunteer will be in touch to confirm your application or advise you of any issues. We strongly recommend that your group leader(s) attend a launch and fly a rocket before bringing your group to the lakebed to help them understand the environment and launch procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The launch date we want isn’t on the registration form. Can we still get a discount?

No. If the date is not available, no discounts are available for that date. You may still attend the launch to spectate or fly, but the regular flyer’s fee schedule will apply.

What rocket supplies should we bring?

You will need to provide your own rockets, motors, and accessories (e.g., recovery wadding, motor starters, igniter plugs). ROC provides launch pads and a centralized launch control system. We usually have on-site vendors who sell motors, but come prepared just in case.

To maximize attendee safety, ALL flights at ROC events must be processed through our safety check and launched from our range.

Can we get discounts on rockets or motors?

Groups can save money and simplify building sessions by purchasing Educator Bulk Packs containing multiples of the same kit or motor. One of our onsite vendors, Discount Rocketry, produces a line of kits available in bulk; contact them directly to order in advance.

What are the rules for launching?

Please familiarize your group with our Launch Procedures and Rules.

Everyone MUST pay attention to the PA system announcements and obey any instructions given by the launch officials.

The onsite portable toilets should only be used for their intended purpose. Do not place anything besides human waste, toilet paper, and sanitary items in them.

Our range is set up, run, and taken down by volunteers. Please volunteer to help out!

Can our groups do Junior Level 1 Certifications at ROC?

Be sure to note in the comments block below if any of your youth plan to certify, and let us know how many. For youth groups planning to use the NAR Junior Level 1 certification in their program, the program should include staff members who are high power certified by NAR who can prepare the youth for the process. ROC does have folks at almost every launch to administer the Junior level 1 exam and witness the certification flight, if we will not to be able to support your request we will let you know in advance. While ROC does administer exams onsite, we are only able to accommodate a small number of test takers, and will prioritize level 2 examinations.

Group Registration Form

If you would like plan a visit for your group please use the form below and someone from ROC will get right back to you. You are encouraged to fill out the form as early as possible to avoid dates filling up. If you do not have all the necessary information for the form, please provide what info you do have and note in the comments when you will know more.  If you do not receive specific approval for the youth group discount, then our regular launch fees apply.