30 Days Left for LDRS Discount

The $20 Advance Registration discount ends on May 21, 2016. the discount for ROC Executive and Life members also ends May 21.

Starting May 22 the flyer’s fee goes up to the regular price of $75 for everyone.

Please note that payment for advance registration has to be received by May 31.

To ensure you get the discount, please go to the registration page and sign up!

For the member discount, you need to sign in to the membership portal.

Tomorrow’s Launch is Cancelled!

Due to unexpected weather conditions, the launch tomorrow is cancelled. What were expected to be scattered showers passing through turned to localized gully washers that stayed for a while.

I am sorry for the short notice, but things looked good as late as this morning.

Not sure if the weird weather patterns are due to climate change or El Nino, but this caught us off guard.