September Launch Report

By:  Cari Schneider
What a great September launch we had! The range was set up and open by 7:30. By 11 we were nearing 100 degrees with little to no breeze. With the heat continuing to rise, launching stopped about noon and no more than 5 minutes later the “W” switch was turned on! There were 180 flights including several clusters, two stages, and crowd pleasers!  There were also 3 successful certification flights. 1 Jr NAR Level 1, 1 NAR Level 1 and 1 NAR Level 2. Congratulations to Shawn Bower, Chris Sandberg, and Mike Swanson on your certs.  All in all a great day!
Launch Report:
1/2 A’s= 1
A’s = 26
B’s = 37
C’s = 54
D’s = 9
E’s = 6
F’s = 7
G’s = 11
H’s = 13
I’s = 8
J’s = 4
K’s = 4
Thanks to the volunteers and Board members who make ROC launches run smoothly month after month!  We’ll see everyone back on the playa for ROCtober which will be held October 13 – 14!

July Launch Report

What a great July launch we had!  The weather cooperated with very light to no “W” and temps in the high 90’s.  There was as a total of 143 flights.  Congratulations to the four successful Level 1 certifications, five Level 2 and a beautiful Level 3 cert flight on an M1939 by John Williams.  Payton Kramer’s hybrid rocket “Wasting Dad’s Money While I can” flew flawlessly on an Contrail M1491!  There were four 2-stage flights and five cluster flights including a really sweet launch of Derek Jamieson’s “Night Hawk” on three G125s and four G80s!  Brian Morilak’s upscale Comanche III “Three Times The Fun” was really cool as was Rob Lees Polecat Wocket on a J250 Skidmark.  There were many other crowd pleasing flights and a few spectacular cato’s throughout the day.  All in all a great day!

Thanks to the volunteers and Board members who make ROC launches run smoothly month after month.

Mike Ostby, ROC President

April Launch Report

Hello all.

Well, if you did not make it out to the April launch you missed out on one EPIC day!! The weather was fantastic as well as the flights and the company. Conditions could not have been any better with a chilly morning to start then it warmed up to the upper 70’s with just an occasional light breeze all day. We launched until about 2:30pm and had many great flights and over 20 cert. flights including Payton Kramer’s successful level 1, 2 and 3 flights all in the same day. Congratulations Payton!!

Please note – ROC will NOT be holding the May launch due to most attending LDRS 37 on May 16th – 20th.

Flight numbers…..

A – 16
B – 18
C – 54
D – 2
E – 24
F – 13
G – 11
H – 26
I – 21
J – 15
K – 4
L – 1
M – 1

Level 1 attempts – 11
Level 2 attempts – 9
Level 3 attempts – 1

21 total cert. attempts with all but 3 successful!

Total flights – 206

Hope to see everyone ROCstock, June 8th – 10th. Remember we will NOT be holding the May launch due to most attending LDRS 37 on May 16th – 20th in Helm, CA. We encourage all to attend LDRS 37.

Gary Schneider

February Launch Report

Greetings all.
Despite concerns and a forecast for a for the evil “W” blowing out the launch, conditions were actually very nice throughout the morning.  At 7:30am temps were warmer than expected at about 55 degrees and the range was open shortly after thanks to Mr. Mike Ostby, Presidente extraordinaire for having the trailer on the lakebed by 7am. and help from the club getting the range setup fast.
There were quite a few flights and no waiting with just a few light breezes.  Around 11am someone did flip the “W” switch to the high “on” position and we had to shut down the range pretty quickly.  Within 10 minutes it went from 5-10mph to 30+ with gusts to 40mph.  That is pretty typical timing for the lakebed though.  Overall it was a great launch hanging out with friends and flying rockets. 
Membership cards will be available at the March launch.  Remember, for Executive Members there is no longer a $5.00 fee but you will still need to sign in at registration each month and will be asked to show your ROC membership card.  When you pick up your membership card you will also receive a lanyard and ID card holder to make it easier to remember to bring and show your membership card at the launch.
Flight numbers…..
A – 3
B – 8
C – 6
D – 7
E – 4
F – 5
G – 10
H – 11
I – 9
J – 3
K – 2
L – 1
3 rockets left on pads when the wind came up and we had to close down.
Total flights – 69
Hope to see everyone in March!
Gary Schneider