Equipment Maintenance Party a Success!

As Equipment manager I want to thank those that showed up to help get all the ROC equipment in order for Rocstock coming up in two weeks.  The heart an soul of the club are the members and flyers but the skeleton, blood, guts and nervous system is the equipment we have for launching our rockets.  Without it working correctly we would all be standing around admiring the paint jobs on our projects but doing little flying.  So for those that came out to help us clean and organize everything, I thank you and I am sure the club will thank you when we put on the November Rocstock with the great launch pads and control systems that we have.

So remember that when you pay your membership dues and flight fees, that money goes into keeping our equipment in top shape.  It goes into the porta potties and trash bins that we all need out on the lake bed, and it goes toward the fees we have to pay to use the lake bed.  And since we are all unpaid volunteers in this club, the more everyone pitches in to help with setup and tear down and doing a couple hours at the LCO/RSO/Pad manager tables, the more we will all feel like we are in the club together.

Thanks again to all,

Kurt Gugisberg

Equipment manager

Notice of ROC Annual Members Meeting

Per the bylaws of the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC), it is one of my duties as Secretary of the Corporation to give notice of ROC’s Annual Membership meeting.

The 2014 meeting will be held during the November ROCStock (RS 40), taking place at Lucerne Dry Lake November 8th and 9th.  Specifically, the meeting will be called to order at 5pm on Saturday, November 8th at the Range Head on the lakebed.

All ROC Members, Daily Flying members, and Spectators are invited to the meeting.   However, only Executive (Annual Paid), Board, and Lifetime Members will be recognized for business during the meeting or will be allowed to vote.  This is a standing meeting; i.e. you must be present to participate, as no proxy voting will be allowed.

The only item currently on the Agenda is the Announcement of the results of the 2015 Board of Directors election. Additional Agenda items can be sent directly to me at “”, preferably by midnight, November 2nd, 2014. Items may also be brought to the floor during the meeting after the set Agenda is completed.

Mike Riss
ROC Secretary