Board of Director Self-Nominations Are Open

It’s that time of year folks! If you’ve ever wondered about the “behind the scenes” of your club, wanted to become more involved in club decision making, simply want to “pay it forward” or just want to learn more about rocketry then consider self-nominating for a seat on the ROC Board of Directors.

There are three full term (three year) Director seats up for election this year. Any adult ROC member in good standing can self-nominate by writing a Statement of Self-Nomination and short bio. Make sure to include a photo. Please send to: . The deadline for self-nomination is August 31st, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Ballots will be cast electronically via the Wild Apricot Membership Portal during Sept and Oct. Results of the election will be announced during the Annual Members Meeting November 9th, 2018 at ROCstock. If elected, your annual club fees are waived.

Please consider running for a Board of Director seat. It’s a great way to become more involved and have fun while making a difference in the hobby we all love so much!

Mike Ostby,
ROC President

NSL Launch Report

What a great weekend at NSL! Friday we flew until the wind picked up about 1 PM, Saturday we flew from 7 AM – 6 PM and then 8:30 – 10:00 for night launches, and Sunday we flew from 7:30 – until the wind picked up again about 10:30 AM. There were 211 registered flyers with a few hundred spectators!

NSL Launch Report
We had 737 flights during a great weekend of flying!
½ A: 3
A: 23
B: 27
C: 111
D: 44
E: 45
F: 34
G: 105
H: 101
I: 90
J: 70
K: 52
L: 11
M: 11

10 of the above flights were clusters of anywhere from 2 – 7 motors. There were also 10 additional flights that were 2 – 3 stages. They were: M to K, A to C, F to F, E to E to E, D to C to C, D to C, K to K, 2 K’s to 2 J’s, K to 2 J’s and J to 3 G’s.

There were 37 Certification Attempts: 2 Jr. Level 1’s; 29 Level 1’s; 5 Level 2’s and 1 Level 3. Congratulations to all those that were successful!!

Thank you to all who came and flew with us, helped LCO, FSR, RSO, Spotter, Pad Manage and Clean Up! We appreciate your willingness to volunteer!

A huge shout out to the NSL Director and ROC Board members that helped plan and organize NSL 2019 for the past year.

We will see everyone on July 20th for our Monthly Launch!

Cari Schneider,

Membership Chair

July Launch

Reminder that the next scheduled launch will be July 20th. There will be no launch on the 2nd Saturday of July.

Schedule Change for NSL Saturday

After checking the expected weather, we will be starting an hour early tomorrow, Saturday.

The waiver will open and flights will begin at 7AM.

NSL Weather

The weather for NSL 2019 is expected to be warm and beautiful. The high temperatures should be in the mid 80s and the lows in the high 50s.

Humidity will likely be between 20% and 30%. Low humidity can cause very rapid dehydration, so bring plenty of water. Sports drinks are also very useful. Energy drinks and caffeine in general can increase your rate of dehydration!

The UV Index will be VERY HIGH, likely 10 out of 10 most of the day. Please remember a hat appropriate clothes for the sun (exposed skin can increase your chances of sunburn). Sun block is essential.

Be sure to monitor your children for dehydration and sun exposure. Smaller bodies can be affected much more quickly! Anyone who is not acclimated to the desert southwest needs to be cautious! These conditions can be life-threatening. A bit of prevention is fairly easy and much better than being hospitalized with heat illness (or worse!).

We expect fairly calm conditions in the mornings, so if you have something your really want to fly, plan to fly early in the day when conditions are normally better.