NSL Weather

The weather for NSL 2019 is expected to be warm and beautiful. The high temperatures should be in the mid 80s and the lows in the high 50s.

Humidity will likely be between 20% and 30%. Low humidity can cause very rapid dehydration, so bring plenty of water. Sports drinks are also very useful. Energy drinks and caffeine in general can increase your rate of dehydration!

The UV Index will be VERY HIGH, likely 10 out of 10 most of the day. Please remember a hat appropriate clothes for the sun (exposed skin can increase your chances of sunburn). Sun block is essential.

Be sure to monitor your children for dehydration and sun exposure. Smaller bodies can be affected much more quickly! Anyone who is not acclimated to the desert southwest needs to be cautious! These conditions can be life-threatening. A bit of prevention is fairly easy and much better than being hospitalized with heat illness (or worse!).

We expect fairly calm conditions in the mornings, so if you have something your really want to fly, plan to fly early in the day when conditions are normally better.