Youth Groups Program Returning

On an interim basis we will be starting our youth group program. The page has been updated, currently with only September 11 available. We will accept the first five groups for that launch only.

As things develop the board will review opening the program on a continuing basis.

Extreme Heat Warning July 10!

Be sure to bring plenty of water Saturday. The National Weather Service has issued an extreme heat warning for the high desert, including Lucerne Valley, extending until Monday evening. Be sure to bring shade!
The predicted high is 105 degrees, 5 degrees above the record for July 10. The low temperature Saturday morning is expected to be 78 degrees, with triple digits in the morning.
Humidity is expected to be in single digits on the lakebed, with extreme UV levels.
The wind prediction is 8AM to 10AM shows 6 to 9 mph sustained with gusts 14 to 17 mph.

We will try to start launching at 7AM (volunteers for set up will help this) and will probably wrap up early due to heat.

ROCtober 2021

The Rocketry Organization of California, (ROC) has decided to cancel ROCtober 2021. While there is much optimism on restrictions being lifted and ‘life and rocket launching getting back to normal’, ROCtober has specific challenges that make planning difficult.

The large number of people, difficulty in spacing out launching, concerns about volunteers, and even guidance from groups that sponsor and participate in ROCtober were all part of this difficult decision.

We do plan to have a regular one day launch in October.

Thank you.

ROC Board of Directors

ROC Election Results

ROC held their elections this month.
The newly elected board members are:
Cari Schneider and Andrew Wimmer.

David Smith was elected to another term.
Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone who ran.
We also want to thank our outgoing board members for their service, Allen Farrington and Adam Dean.
Elections were held by the new board for board positions.
Gary Schneider        President

Andrew Wimmer      Vice President

Cindy Farrington      Treasurer

Gregg Halligan         Secretary

Gregg Halligan

ROC Secretary

CalPyro Study Group

To hold high power rocket launches in California one of the requirements is that the launch is supervision by a licensed Pyrotechnic Operator. Otherwise the launch is limited to motors listed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) as “Model Rocket Motors”.
ROC has a study/discussion group to help individuals navigate the process of getting licensed. The OSFM will be accepting applications for new licensees in the near future. The license term runs from July 1 to June 30, and they have been processing renewal applications.
There are currently only a few dozen licensees in the state, and only a few who are active participants in ROC. It would benefit the club if we add some new licensees to ensure we always have a licensee at our launches and share the responsibilities.
A third class Pyrotechnic Operator’s License is sufficient for commercial motor club launches such as ROC holds. A Third Class licensee is limited to commercial motors listed by the OSFM. A Second Class license adds self-made motors like those used at Tripoli Research launches. A First Class license includes all hobby and amateur rocketry activity.
There is information about the study group and the process of getting a license on the ROC web page: (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)