Schedule Change for NSL Saturday

After checking the expected weather, we will be starting an hour early tomorrow, Saturday.

The waiver will open and flights will begin at 7AM.

NSL Weather

The weather for NSL 2019 is expected to be warm and beautiful. The high temperatures should be in the mid 80s and the lows in the high 50s.

Humidity will likely be between 20% and 30%. Low humidity can cause very rapid dehydration, so bring plenty of water. Sports drinks are also very useful. Energy drinks and caffeine in general can increase your rate of dehydration!

The UV Index will be VERY HIGH, likely 10 out of 10 most of the day. Please remember a hat appropriate clothes for the sun (exposed skin can increase your chances of sunburn). Sun block is essential.

Be sure to monitor your children for dehydration and sun exposure. Smaller bodies can be affected much more quickly! Anyone who is not acclimated to the desert southwest needs to be cautious! These conditions can be life-threatening. A bit of prevention is fairly easy and much better than being hospitalized with heat illness (or worse!).

We expect fairly calm conditions in the mornings, so if you have something your really want to fly, plan to fly early in the day when conditions are normally better.

Is there a photographer in the house?

We are looking for a photographer (some photographers?) to volunteer to take documentary photos at NSL. This includes photos of people and their rockets, rockets being prepared to fly, rockets flying, and various other activities. We need high quality photos and information about the people and rockets in them. (name, home town, kit type, motor used, etc.) This will be for historical purposes, use on our web site and social media, and possible publication. Everyone is welcome to post their photos to our Facebook group, on Twitter (#nsl2019), etc. But we also need some that are a bit more formal.

If you are interested in helping out during part of NSL, please email

Reaction Research Society Rocket and Space Symposium, April 27

The Reaction Research Society is hosting their annual Rocket and Space Symposium on Saturday, April 27. It will be at the Ken Nakaoka center in Gardena, from 8:45AM to 5PM.

2019 RRS Symposium flyer

ROC will again be attending and have some displays set up in the exhibitor area. We will be promoting hobby rocketry in general, our club, and NSL 2019.

While this is mainly aimed at University and amateur (Class 3) rocketry, the exhibits and presentations are always interesting.

The event is free to attend, but they do ask that you register in advance.

Stage II Fire Restrictions in Effect, Again

As we have seen for the past few fire seasons the BLM has implemented Stage II fire restrictions for our launch site at Lucerne Valley. While the current fire danger is low, it is expected to increase rapidly now that humidity levels have begun to drop.

For Stage II restriction no open fires are allowed. Even for camp stoves and similar devices with a shut-off valve, a California Campfire Permit is required. The permit is free, but you must ensure it is issued and you have a hard copy in hand before lighting any such device.

Smoking is limited to an area where there is no vegetation within five feet, so basically the entire lakebed.

From the BLM Order, Number CAD-000-2019-01 (Fire Prevention Orders):

“Stage II Restrictions – Setting, building, maintaining, attending, or using open fire of any kind is prohibited, except campfires within approved fire pits and grills provided for in developed recreation sites; or campfires within the Imperial County Special Recreation Management Areas with a valid California Campfire Permit. Controlled flame devices such as portable stoves and lanterns with shut-off valves, using gas, jellied petroleum, or pressurized liquid fuel are allowed and require a valid California Campfire Permit. Smoking is only permitted within an area that is clear of any vegetation for a minimum of 5 feet in all directions. “