Tripoli and NAR Moratorium Extended

From Steve Shannon, President of Tripoli:
The Tripoli board of directors voted today to extend the moratorium on Tripoli group activities and launches for an additional two weeks. Everyone stay safe!

We also unanimously approved extending memberships to match.


March 28: Update on COVID-19 Policy for National Association of Rocketry

The recommendations from the White House and CDC on minimizing the risk and spread of COVID-19 continue to be that all “Avoid social gatherings in groups of 10 people.”

This recommendation is pretty clear and should be followed by all to help slow down and stop this rapidly growing health concern.

Based on the current recommendations of the federal government; and increasingly many states and local governments that require people to stay home, as the President of the NAR Board, I am extending the following policy to remain in effect until April 16, 2020:

1. All NAR Sections shall postpone or cancel Section launches, meetings, and other group activities during this period.
2. There shall be no organized launches, meetings, and other group activities of 10 or more persons during this period.

I will send an update on the policy on or before April 16.

I ask that all members please adhere to the intent and spirit of this policy and help to protect all who would be attending a launch from the possible infection of this virus.

Thank you and please be safe!

John Hochheimer
National Association of Rocketry

April 11 Launch is Cancelled

Due to the current Covid-19 situation and the Governors “Stay at home” order, ROC is cancelling the April launch.  We will continue to monitor the situation for any changes and updates.  In the meantime work on those builds, and participate in the Safer at home build challenge!  Hope to see everyone in May.
Gary Schneider
ROC Vice President
ROC’s Safer at Home Rocket Contest (March 24 until ??)
The contest is to build a rocket from either scratch or kit bash a rocket and to see what range of motors it will fly on. The person who successfully launches and recovers a rocket with the widest range of motors is the overall winner. See the contest post for details.

Rocket Tracking with Radio and Ham Radio Communication

More and more rockets are flying with tracking and telemetry transmitters on board. Also we are seeing more use of ham radio to communicate at the lakebed and on the way to and from launches.

Currently over three dozen ROC folks have identified themselves as licensed hams.

There have also been folks experiencing issues that may be due to radio frequency interference (RFI) or frequency conflict from other users on the same or adjacent frequencies.

There has been some informal discussion among some of the board members about ways to reduce conflicts and RFI issues.

Starting at the March launch we will be trying out a frequency board near the registration or PAD manager area.

Also, if you are using any transmitter on your rocket, please include a description and the frequency on the flight card.

On this  site we have two pages where we can share information.

On the “launches” menu there is a page for rocket tracking. We have begun a list of frequencies used by ROC flyers, and also have provided some suggestions for reducing interference to and from other radio spectrum users. This guidance is based on a review of the radio use in the area of lakebed that could conflict with common rocket tracking equipment. The page has a form for you to submit the equipment you are using and the frequency you use.

On the “launch site” menu is a page for amateur radio information. This includes radio frequencies commonly used by ROC hams to communicate on the lake bed, and a list of hams and our callsigns. We frequently use 146.535MHz simplex on the lakebed. This frequency is available to Technician class or higher hams, using very simple and inexpensive equipment. The page has a form to submit your name and callsign if you are a ham.

If you have any suggestions to help reduce interference or additional frequencies to track, please let us know using one of the comment forms on these pages.

Reaction Research Society Symposium, April 18, 2020

We wanted to extend an invitation to ROC members and flyers to attend the 2020 symposium of the Reaction Research Society (RRS.ORG). ROC has had an information table for the last few years.
This is a great rocketry event with great speakers throughout the day. There is an exhibit hall and a lot of information about RRS.

The symposium is Saturday, April 18, 2020, at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center in Gardena, CA from 8:45 am to 5:00 pm.
Go to Eventbrite to get your free ticket(s) –

Please remember your Certification Card

If you are planning to fly high power rockets at a ROC launch, please remember to bring your NAR or Tripoli membership card.

To fly high power you must be a current member of NAR or Tripoli. You must have a membership card or other document showing that you are certified for high power and your membership is current.

If you are not a member in good standing you are not certified, you are not insured, and may not fly high power rockets.

Time permitting, registration personnel may be able to help you lookup your membership. If there are people in line to register you will be asked to step aside until you can document your certification.