Annual Membership Meeting and Pizza Party

Due to the cancellation of the Fall ROCstock, our membership meeting cannot be held at the launch like a normal year.

The direct event link to RSVP is:
You’ll receive a confirmation once you have RSVP.
When: Saturday, December 08, 2018 1:30 PM, PST
Where: Graziano’s Pizza 3300, 333 Magnolia Ave, Corona, CA 92879
Come join us for our annual ROC Membership meeting. We’ll be having the membership meeting in conjunction with a pizza party-free for executive members and their families. Log in to your membership profile to RSVP for yourself and family, and renew/join for 2019 as well while you’re logged in. RSVP closes at the end of the day Friday December 7th.
We’ll be meeting at 1:30pm at Graziano’s Pizza Restaurant at 3300, 333 Magnolia Ave, Corona, CA 92879
Please use the contact form at if you have any difficulties with the RSVP process or other questions.

Time for Board Elections!

It’s that time of year folks! If you’ve ever wondered about the “behind the scenes” of your club, wanted to become more involved in club decision making, simply want to “pay it forward” or just want to learn more about rocketry then consider self-nominating for a seat on the ROC Board of Directors. Contrary to what you may have heard, Board Members do fly. Just about every launch, a Board member is seen launching rockets.

There are three full term Director seats up for election this year. David Erbas-White has graciously volunteered to be the Election Chairman. Any adult ROC member in good standing can self-nominate by sending David Erbas-White a Statement of Self-Nomination and short bio with a photo. Please send to: The deadline for self-nomination is August 31st, 2017 at 11:59 PM. Results of the election will be announced during the Annual Members Meeting November 11th, 2017 at RocStock. If elected, your annual club fees are waived.

Please consider running for a Board of Director spot. It’s a great way to become more involved and have fun while making a difference in the hobby we all love so much!

Mike Ostby,
ROC President

Final Word on Fire Restrictions for ROCstock

Many thanks to Allen, our BLM liaison, who has cleared up any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the BLM Stage III temporary fire restrictions.  Below is a message from Allen to ALL RocStock attendees.  Also are links to the fire restriction press release and to obtain a permit for your gas stove if you desire to cook outdoors while on the lakebed.
Thank you in advance for complying with these temporary restrictions.
Mike Ostby,
ROC President
There have naturally been some questions regarding the implementation of the recent Fire Protection order. We have been in contact with BLM’s Fire Protection Officer and have confirmed that no campfires of any type, covered or not, are allowed under Stage III conditions. In addition, BBQ grills with charcoal are not allowed.

The only outdoor flames allowed at ROCStock will be camp stoves using gas or liquid (and rockets, of course!). You will need a permit for those stoves. Please note that we will be checked, BLM has been diligent this year on permit compliance. They are actually doing it to protect us as they’re establishing a pattern of compliance for ROC which helps us with future permit renewals, etc…

Let’s all continue to be good citizens and obey the restrictions this launch.

To apply for a permit;

Stage 3 Fire Restrictions for ROCstock!

To all ROCSTOCK attendees.  The BLM has initiated temporary fire restrictions.  We launch on BLM managed land and it is manditory that we comply with the rules. We risk the loss of our permit and/or the granting of the new permit in September if folks are not in compliance.  We have already been in contact with the Barstow BLM office and they verified that the Lakebed falls within the area of the temporary restrictions and they do apply to us. Please read and understand the directive issed by the BLM. 



We are getting clarification of the need to obtain permits for camp stoves.

Thank you all for compling with these restrictions.  Please understand that ROC has a good relationship with the BLM and it would be ashame for us to loose our permit over the actions of a few.  Remember,  these are temporary and will be lifted at the BLMs discretion sometime in the future.

Mike Ostby, 

ROC President 

Are you planning a project that is complex-M or larger for ROCstock?

We are working to finalize the layout for the range, and need to know if anyone needs the 1500 foot away pads.

Please let us know if your project has multiple (staged or clustered) motors totaling more than 5,120 Newton-Seconds.

Email David Smith

ROC Board Member

please email David Smith