LDRS 40 Launch Report

What a great LDRS 40!  The weather was warm and the winds came for a visit each day! Flying began Thursday at 6 AM and we flew until 2 PM and 1 Night flight was launched, Friday we flew from 6 am until the wind picked up just before 2 PM and the winds slowed down enough for 20 night flights, Saturday we flew from 6 AM until the wind picked up at Noon and Sunday we flew from 6 AM  – until the wind picked up again about 9:30 AM. There were 250 pre-registered flyers with many more joining to fly for a single day and several hundred spectators! 

Thank you to all the Vendors that came out and supported LDRS 40- Aerotech, Animal Motor Works, Chris’ Supplies, Discount Rocketry, Dynasaor Rocketry, LOC, Rocketman Parachutes, SBR,  Tahoma Photography and Wildman Rocketry! 

LDRS  Launch Report

We had 652 flights over the course of LDRS XL!

½ A: 3

A: 16

B: 26

C: 45

D: 38

E: 20

F: 56

G: 67

H: 119

I: 95

J: 77

K: 49

L: 19

M: 22

24 of the above flights were clusters with 2 or more motors. There were also additional flights that were 2 – 3 stages!

There were 45 Certification Attempts: 4 Jr. Level 1’s; 23 Level 1’s; 15 Level 2’s and 3 Level 3. Congratulations to all those that were successful!! 

Thank you to all who came and flew with us, helped LCO, FSR, RSO, Spotter, Pad Manage and Clean Up! We appreciate your willingness to volunteer! 

A huge shout out to the ROC Board members, LDRS Committee members and the Tripoli Board Members that helped plan and organize LDRS 40 for the past 6 months. 

We will see everyone on July 9th for our regular Monthly Launch, as always weather permitting. 

Cari Schneider

ROC Membership Chair