Tomorrow’s Launch is CANCELLED!

Due to rain on the lakebed we must cancel the launch tomorrow.

We have been informed bybthe vendor that conditions are too wet for the porta-potties to be delivered.

As I write this it is still raining on the lakebed. Hope to see everyone for November ROCstock.

October Launch Reminders

Hi All, 
Our October launch is coming up next Saturday, October 9th. As was previously communicated, this will be a single day event with our normal monthly launch setup, not a ROCTober style event. While it is a bit far out to predict the weather, it is likely to be cooler than previous months, so as always, dress for the weather and drink water. As always, show up early and fly early for the best conditions. 
This month, and going forward, the BOD will be experimenting with an optional survey to gauge launch attendance ahead of time. The form is here and hopefully self explanatory: . We’ll be spending a good amount of time looking at data trends before starting to use it-and it’ll only be used to help us set rough expectations for resource needs. To reiterate, this is entirely optional, and if your plans change or you forget, that’s 100% okay and expected. 
Looking forward, we will have our first November ROCStock in 2 years next month! This will be a 3 day event from November 12th-November 14th focused on high power flying. 

September Launch Report

We had a great September launch!


1/2 A: 2
A: 11
B: 46
C: 69
D: 6
E: 7
F: 22
G: 9
H: 13
I: 3
J: 5
K: 3

For a total of 196 flights!

Certification Flights:

There were 4 Level 1 attempts and 3 Level 2 attempts. Congratulations to all those that were successful!

Thank You to Brian Sutton for launching his “Fallen Heroes” rocket. It was a great flight.

Our next launch is scheduled for Saturday, October 9th!

Cari Schneider
ROC Membership Chair

August Launch Report

We had a great launch today!  Flying began shortly after 7:00 AM and the cloud cover helped keep temps about 90!

A: 4

B: 2

C: 18 with 3 of them being clusters/2 stages

D: 11 with 3 of them being clusters/2 stages

E: 12 with 5 of them being clusters/2 stages

F: 15 with 2 of them being clusters/2 stages

G: 7

H: 10

I: 4

J: 5

K: 2

L: 2

M: 1

For a total of 83 flights!

Certification Flights: 
There were 9 Level 1 attempts and 3 Level 2 attempts. Congratulations to all those that were successful! 

Congratulations to Matt Reppa for his successful Level 3 Certification Flight! 

Thank You to all who helped set up, take down, LCO, Pad Manage, and Safety check rockets! 

Our next launch is scheduled for Saturday, September 11th!

Cari Schneider, ROC Membership Chair

Youth Groups Program Returning

On an interim basis we will be starting our youth group program. The page has been updated, currently with only September 11 available. We will accept the first five groups for that launch only.

As things develop the board will review opening the program on a continuing basis.