ROCstock June 2021

Hello Everyone,

ROCstock 2021 is right around the corner, June 11-13. Range setup will begin around 1pm Thursday and launching will begin Friday morning. Night flights on Friday and Saturday, weather permitting of course. We are also one of 12 sites across the country hosting the TARC National Finals. There will be teams launching their rockets on Friday and on Sunday morning. The teams will have a dedicated prep area and pads for their flights but this will not affect the rest of the launch.

A few reminders for the launch……

We are currently under stage II fire restrictions. All campfires must be above ground and a Cal Fire permit MUST be obtained and in possession to have a campfire, use a camp stove, or have any open flame. Cal Fire does visit our launches and the fine is not worth it. These are very easy to obtain by watching a short video and answering a few questions on what you just watched. You can obtain the permit here -> Permits – Ready for Wildfire

Unfortunately, NO Drones at anytime or place during our events are allowed. “Drone” Policy has Changed to Prohibit ALL Radio Controlled Aircraft at ROC Launches

Porta Potties will be on-site Thursday afternoon along with hand wash stations. No dumpster will be on-site. Pack it in – Pack it out.

It will be warm to HOT with temps in the upper 80’s to upper 90’s so bring plenty of water and sports drinks to keep hydrated. Beer and soda is not water and does not keep you as hydrated.

AMW and Discount Rocketry are scheduled to be on-site.

We are still under CDC guidelines so please keep distancing in mind in locations such as registration, pad assignment and safety check areas.

We will have T-Shirts, hats, stickers and raffle tickets for sale. There will be two raffles, one for adults and one for kids. LOTS of prizes available!!

Looking forward to a great ROCstock and seeing everyone on the playa.

Gary Schneider
ROC President

ROCtober 2021

The Rocketry Organization of California, (ROC) has decided to cancel ROCtober 2021. While there is much optimism on restrictions being lifted and ‘life and rocket launching getting back to normal’, ROCtober has specific challenges that make planning difficult.

The large number of people, difficulty in spacing out launching, concerns about volunteers, and even guidance from groups that sponsor and participate in ROCtober were all part of this difficult decision.

We do plan to have a regular one day launch in October.

Thank you.

ROC Board of Directors

May Flight Report

We had a great day flying Rockets!  The weather was cool and breezy in the morning and was calm and warm when launching finished at 1:30 PM. 
A: 13B: 17C: 53D: 8E: 18F: 37G: 25H: 13I: 18J: 13K: 5

For a total of 220 flights!

There were 2 Jr Level 1 attempts, 2 Level 1 attempts and 1 Level 2 attempt. Congratulations to all those that were successful!

See everyone back on the playa for Rocstock, June 11 – 13th! 

Cari Schneider

April Launch Report

It was fantastic to finally be back on the lakebed after 14 months. We had a great day flying Rockets! The weather was a bit breezy in the early hours but by 10:00 the winds subsided and we flew until 1:30 PM!

1/2 A: 1
A: 4
B: 5
C: 12
D: 8
E: 15
F: 7
G: 16
H: 29
I: 17
J: 14
K: 4
L: 1

For a total of 133 flights!

There were 5 Level 1 attempts and 3 Level 2 attempts. Congratulations to all those that were successful!

See everyone for our May Launch on May 8th!

Cari Schneider
ROC Board of Directors
Membership Chair

April 10th Members Only Launch

Hello All.
Since I forgot to include the following important detail in the announcement, anyone who has signed up to become a member as of today, March 17th, 2021 you will receive a link to register for the April Launch.  Link will be sent out on March 26th.  If you become a member AFTER March 17th, 2021 then you will be able to attend all future launches.  I apologize for the confusion and leaving out this important detail. 

Gary Schneider, ROC President