Self-Nominations for Board of Directors Is Now Open

It’s that time of year folks! If you’ve ever wondered about the “behind the scenes” of your club, wanted to become more involved in club decision making, simply want to “pay it forward” or just want to learn more about rocketry then consider self-nominating for a seat on the ROC Board of Directors.

There are three full term (three year) Director seats up for election this year. Any adult ROC member in good standing can self-nominate by writing a Statement of Self-Nomination. Make sure to include a photo. Please send to:  The deadline for self-nomination is August 31st, 2020 at 11:59 PM. Ballots will be cast electronically via the Wild Apricot Membership Portal during Sept and Oct. Results of the election will be announced during the Annual Members Meeting November 14th, 2020 at ROCstock. If elected, your annual club fees are waived.

Please consider running for a Board of Director seat. It’s a great way to become more involved and have fun while making a difference in the hobby we all love so much!

-Mike Ostby, ROC President

June ROCstock, 2020, is Cancelled, and Return to Flight Operation Plan

Hi Everyone,
The June ROCStock event scheduled for the 12th, 13th and 14th is officially cancelled.
The ROC Board of Directors has been coordinating with Federal and County Officials with respect to returning ROC to operations soon. As you can see from other stores and industries around us, there’s been a lot of change happening in the past few weeks and we expect more changes (both positive and negative) to occur over the next several months.
As we move to implement a gradual return to launching activities, we would like all of our members and friends to remember the following:
1) ROC’s BoD is a volunteer group that all have other obligations, some of which have increased during this Pandemic,
2) We are not a “business” in that if we don’t launch we’ll “go out of business” so the County treats us with that priority,
2) We are working from the best information that we can get from County health authorities,
3) This process is going to be slow and will probably take months to return to our regular operations.
We have an Event Operations Plan that we file with authorities on how our launches are run. The current version is “Version 2020(a)” and can be found here: This version has a new appendix that covers how ROC will handle our operations during this COVID Recovery Period. Please take some time to read the three page Appendix. This is a very conservative approach to operating. Like most businesses, we will take things slowly and make modifications as we go. Hopefully, next year sometime we’ll be able to delete these modifications completely.
ROC is a volunteer organization and you see that getting us back on the lakebed is going to take some significant work by the BoD to pull off. If you have time and/or resources, please let us know as we can use all the help we can get to make this happen.
Some highlights / changes to our operations…all temporary, but deemed necessary:
1) For the time being, you have to already be an Executive Member of ROC (as of June 1st, 2020) to launch with us.
We will be closed to the Public. No walk-ons, no signing up at the launch, no youth groups. During this initial phase, we have to try to limit the amount of folks out on the lakebed. As we work out procedures and see what works and what doesn’t, we’ll gradually open this up until we are fully open.
2) You will have to waive your ability to sue us if you get sick or make someone else sick.
It may sound silly, but we’ve been sued for less before…as a BoD, we are required to protect the club’s assets.
3) You cannot be at the launch unless you are actively launching.
For right now, no “extras”, no spectators or friends “just checking things out”. No coming out just to socialize…bummer. We’re also limiting the bringing of small children (under 6) as they will require extra attention and they usually don’t participate in launching.
4) If you are sick or live with anyone sick, you will need to stay home.
This should be obvious, but must be stated.
5) You must properly wear a mask when within 50 feet of the range head. You must practice Social Distancing.
This is a typically congested area and even with social distancing, we need you to wear a mask. Don’t agree? Stay Home.
6) You must bring your own sanitation and personal protective equipment.
ROC will be providing some hand sanitizer and gloves for volunteers, but otherwise you’re on your own.
7) You will need to bring all your own supplies. Please do not share your supplies with people outside your household.
8) To minimize contact we are looking at online pre-registration for launches.
As you can see, this is going to seriously put a dent in our social launch atmosphere…but that’s kind of the point if you think about it. In order to get back to flying, we have to limit the interactions for a while. Let’s all look forward to the days when we don’t need this policy and can be more relaxed and open.
On Behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for your patience.
Mike Ostby,
ROC President

Return to Flight Statement

To ROC Members, Flyers and Spectators,

The ROC Board has been looking for every opportunity to get back to launching rockets while complying with all applicable state and local public health orders.  As it stands right now, we do not see a way to comply and keep our flyers, spectators and volunteers safe, so June ROCstock will most likely need to be cancelled.  We are still holding out hope that something changes so that we could try to fly but it is highly unlikely.  If something does change that would allow us to hold a launch an announcement will be posted by Sunday, June 7th.

ROC is a NAR Section and therefore must follow NAR guidelines in order to hold sanctioned and insured launches.  NAR’s Covid-19 Policy recommends that “NAR sections follow all applicable national, state, and local requirements, restrictions, and recommendations for the physical location of the event(s).”  Although San Bernardino County has rescinded their public health order ROC will comply with state guidelines.  At this time the California Department of Public Health recommends that all gatherings should be postponed or canceled.  At a very minimum San Bernardino County will need to enter into stage-3 of California’s Roadmap to Recovery and give us their okay to hold an event before ROC can consider resuming launches.  At that time the ROC Board of Directors will re-evaluate and post an update.  At which time ROC does return to launching there will be protocols to follow and possibly limits to gathering size.

Please understand that the ROC Board is looking for ways to get back out on the playa. We all want to get back to launching.  We’re all itching to fly the projects we’ve been working on.  Many of us are going stir crazy cooped up at home.  But ROC’s primary obligation must be the safety, health and welfare of its members and the people who attend our events.  If anything changes, and there is a way to hold a launch, we will.  But until then please be patient.  Before we know it we’ll be punching holes in the sky again.

Please stay safe everyone.

Mike Ostby,

ROC President

LDRS-39 Has Been Postponed to 2021

From the LDRS-39 Launch Director:

Dear Rocketry Community:
The Utah Rocket Club (UROC) LDRS 39 organizing committee held a Zoom meeting recently. The purpose of the meeting was to review the current and projected status of COVID-19 as it relates to UROC conducting a successful LDRS 39 launch.
With country-wide layoffs and furloughs, the income of a significant portion of rocketeers will most likely be impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Even if safety restrictions are relaxed, the committee believes that many of the hopeful registrants may not be able to afford the costs of travel and registration for the trip to Bonneville. It is more likely that flyers will attend local and regional launches for the remainder of 2020, and that’s assuming local launches can be safely organized.
After much listening, discussion, careful consideration, UROC has made the difficult decision to postpone LDRS 39 until 2021. Given the reality of COVID-19 and the unknown impacts on a large launch like LDRS, UROC believes this is the correct decision. The health and well-being of rocketry participants, spectators, and staff is our top priority.
With a unanimous vote, the Tripoli Board of Directors supports this decision and has graciously agreed to allow UROC to host LDRS in 2021. At this time, UROC believes the dates will be Thursday, July 29 through Sunday, August 1, 2021.
Some of you who already registered for LDRS 39 may need that money now more than ever. Anyone who has paid for registration (including shirts and banquet tickets) can receive a full refund upon request.  Send a request to with your name and phone number, and someone from UROC will be in touch promptly.
You also have the option of keeping your registration, (including shirts and banquet), and volunteer slots on file for LDRS 39, 2021.
Any registrant that reserved a room at the event hotel should cancel their reservations. There’s no cancellation fee, but you must cancel through the hotel. Please note, you may have to call several times or leave messages as the hotels and casinos in Wendover are currently shuttered. UROC will provide new hotel information as the new dates approach. The event hotel may change for next year’s event.
The LDRS 39 Committee will contact any vendor who has already committed prizes or goods directly. UROC will work with vendors regarding how they would like the committee to proceed with their donations.
UROC is grateful to Tripoli for allowing us the opportunity to host LDRS 39 and share the Salt Flats with our rocketry community!
Please stay safe and fly high (if you can). See you in 2021!
The Utah Rocket Club

May 9th Launch Canceled

For the time being the May 9th launch is canceled. Since ROC is both a NAR Section and a Tripoli Prefecture we will wait until both national organizations have lifted their moratoriums. We also will comply with the San Bernardino County Public Health Order until it is rescinded. ROC is working on a Covid-19 social distancing guideline that may need to be implemented if we are permitted to have a launch. It will align with County Health Department reccomendations.