ROCStock Reminders

Hi All, Our November ROCStock launch is coming up next Friday-Sunday, November 12-14. 
The BOD is experimenting with an optional survey to gauge launch attendance ahead of time. The form is here and hopefully self explanatory: . We’ll be spending a good amount of time looking at data trends before starting to use it-and it’ll only be used to help us set rough expectations for resource needs. To reiterate, this is entirely optional, and if your plans change or you forget, that’s 100% okay and expected. 
This is our first November ROCStock in a few years, so if it’s been a while since you’ve camped out on the lakebed, be sure to review the camping and survival page here: as well as any other pages you may find relevant to your questions. 
We will be holding our annual members meeting on Saturday at a TBD time. 
As always, monitor the website, social media and/or our email lists for last minute updates. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!