Stage II FIRE Restrictions in Effect on the Lakebed

Due to extremely dry conditions the BLM has imposed Stage II fire restrictions for much of California, including our launch site on Lucerne Dry Lake. Note that Highway 247 is the boundary, and the area on the East side of 247 is under stage I restrictions.

Under Stage II restriction:
*No open fires of any kind are allowed.
*Controlled flame devices such as portable stoves and lanterns with shut-off valves, using gas, jellied petroleum, or pressurized liquid fuel are allowed with a valid California Campfire Permit (see link below).
*Smoking is allowed inside vehicles or camp trailers, but no smoking is allowed outside.
These restrictions run through October 28, 2022.

Since our BLM permit and FAA Certificate of Authorization specifically allow rocket launching, we may continue to hold our scheduled and permitted launches.