August launch report

The August launch was excellent and the numbers show a good mix of low and high power.

The weather forecast was good before the launch and this was correct. See, the weather forecasters can get it right occasionally. :-) It was about 10 F cooler than normal for August. The temperature was 62 F at sunrise and by afternoon it was about 98 F.

Most of the set-up occurred on Friday afternoon with the help of Steven Seeright and the rest of the set-up went quickly early Saturday morning. We launched until around 3:00 in the afternoon and there was only a slight breeze for the whole day.

The construction on the Northbound I15 and shutdown of some lanes didn’t seem to cause excessive travel time. Many people just left for the launch a little earlier than normal. So the “Cajon Crawl” didn’t seem to cause a big problem with people getting to the launch.
Here’s the breakdown of rockets based on impulse:
A: 2
B: 15
C: 32
D: 5
E: 8
F: 7
G: 14
Note: 3 launch cards that were low power but missing or illegible motor information
H: 13
I: 9
J: 9
K: 3
L: 2

So, 122 lights total. This includes 2 NAR Level 1 (one successful), 4 TRA Level 1 (all successful) and 1 TRA Level 2 (successful).

LCO started out with Steven Seeright, followed by Rick O’Neil, then David Reese. At the end of the launch, we tested the wireless microphone system and it worked well.
I wish my narrative could do this launch justice. There were many great flights and I’m going to miss something. David Erbas-White had 5 successful flights, and Gary Schneider (Level 3) flew 4 model rockets and also his scratch-built “Gone Bananas” on an I285. Other people like Doug Sutton flew both model and high-power rockets and had the opportunity to fly multiple times during the day. Even Board members Rick Magee and Kurt Gugisberg flew rockets – how crazy is that!
I think the number of people that flew 2 or more high power rockets during the day is remarkable and an indicator of what a good day is was. The list includes Chris Cotner, Brian Sutton, Gary Schneider, Rodney Shepherd, Steve Jaben, David Reese, Dave Peterson, James Lynn, and Chris Covany with 4 good flights and the last one was a high alt on a L935 Imax!

Can’t wait for September. Thank you everyone for a great August launch.

Richard Dierking

Membership changes

In response to feedback the board has received from the membership a number of simplifications and changes are planned.

The first of these is to change the membership period to be a calendar year rather than a year from the date of joining.

This change takes place with immediate effect and any new members joining during 2014 will be members for 2014 and will need to renew for 2015 on 1st January 2015.

Existing members with memberships ending this year are offered either to join for 2014 at $60 and ‘donate’ the difference or for this transition year pay for the rest of the year prorated which is $5 per month.

Any members that joined or renewed in February 2014 can either treat the additional month as a donation or contact me and renew in 2015 or we will take the extra month off next year’s membership renewal.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Ian Walberg
ROC Vice President.

Rocstock is 20 years old this year!

This year is the 20th year of Rocstock launches at Lucerne Dry lake.

June Rocstock will be the 39th (XXXIX) event and the 20th anniversary. November will be the 40th (XL) event.

We have some plans for events and themes to celebrate these anniversaries and keep rocket flying going strong and will publish details as they are available.

ROC archive

We have been looking through the archives with some help from Nibbles and here is what we have found so far

If you have other material please let me know as the goal is to make this as complete as possible and we do have some holes currently.

ROC board election result and new officers

Congratulations to the new ROC board members elected in the 2013 election who are :-

David Smith, Bryce Chanes, Rick Dickinson and Veronica Kirk

Who joint the exiting board members who are :-

Greg Lyzenga, Ian Walberg, Allen Farrington, Mike Riss and Kurt Gugisberg.

First order of business after the election of the new board members is a board meeting to elect the offices for the following year and this meeting was held at ROCstock on Saturday evening.

The new officers are :-

President – Greg Lyzenga

Vice President – Ian Walberg

Treasurer – Josephine Walberg

Secretary – Mike Riss

Tripoli prefect – Rick Magee

While it is common practice for the offices to be board members the ROC bylaws do not require this is the case other than the president.

ROC board 2014