ROC board election result and new officers

Congratulations to the new ROC board members elected in the 2013 election who are :-

David Smith, Bryce Chanes, Rick Dickinson and Veronica Kirk

Who joint the exiting board members who are :-

Greg Lyzenga, Ian Walberg, Allen Farrington, Mike Riss and Kurt Gugisberg.

First order of business after the election of the new board members is a board meeting to elect the offices for the following year and this meeting was held at ROCstock on Saturday evening.

The new officers are :-

President – Greg Lyzenga

Vice President – Ian Walberg

Treasurer – Josephine Walberg

Secretary – Mike Riss

Tripoli prefect – Rick Magee

While it is common practice for the offices to be board members the ROC bylaws do not require this is the case other than the president.

ROC board 2014