Advanced – Level 1 Observations

by Kerry Garrison

KerryI have some interesting observations about level 1 that I came up with during my preparations.

  1. The LOC Legacy I built for my Level 1 flight was easier than many Estes kits I have built (took some of the fun out I must admit).
  2. Throw away elastic shock cord and get tubular nylon.
  3. Document what you are doing and ask for help and you will be overwhelmed with input from people in the club.
  4. Throw away elastic shock cord and get tubular nylon.
  5. There probably isn’t a group of people anywhere that want you to succeed as much as the members of this club do.
  6. Some people actually scheduled when they were going to be at the launch in order to watch my L1 flight (I must say I was truly impressed with you guys).
  7. There is nothing wrong with being cautious for your L1 flight, I used a small H128 in my Vulcanite for my cert and then did a follow-up of a LOC Legacy (smaller and half the weight) on an I200 (twice the power).
  8. Did I mention that you shouldn’t use elastic shock cord?
  9. Sign up with NAR or Tripoli asap so you have your paperwork ready when you go for your L1.
  10. At flight time, grab a prefect and get a good once over of the rocket and your L1 paperwork. Then get a motor from one of our fine vendors.
  11. Go to flight line and make sure to write “LEVEL 1 CERT” on the top of the proper flight card.
  12. Fly your birdie.
  13. Go back to prefect and get your paperwork signed by two authorized observers.
  14. Go buy bigger motor and fly some more
  15. Dont use elastic shock cords.

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