Stormy weather...Please understand that launch dates/times are tentative and are subject to change without notice. If adverse weather conditions occur during the week before a launch, then it’s the flyer’s responsibility to get accurate lake bed conditions before heading out to a launch as a cancellation can be made as late as the morning of the launch!

Weather updates may be posted on this web site, to ROC-chat, to ROC-announce, on Twitter, and on Facebook when relevant information is available. Updates will be posted as needed. The weather AT THE LAKEBED may not match surrounding areas, even as close as Victorville or Apple Valley. When we post weather updates, they will be for the lakebed.

We do the best we can to announce the launch status and conditions at the site. Sometimes, you may not get the word. Please understand that most of us have had the experience of going to the site, only to find out that it is too windy or the lake bed is too wet. We don’t like to find out that way either!

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Road conditions in real time:

California Highway Conditions (Enter “247,18,15, 58” for local highways)