Call For Articles–Share Your Knowledge!

If anyone on this chat or who attends ROC launches wants to write an article on a “how to” or detailing your experience in a specific area, we would love to increased the practical information on our website!

No need to format for the web–I can get it ready when I publish it. Brevity is usually good, but if there is a bunch of information, please feel free to be thorough.

Information based on real-world experience is the best, but if you have a rocketry related term paper or doctoral thesis that would be okay too. We just may have to add section for “Really Advanced”!

We are always looking to improve and update our webpage. Look over the stuff in our “Learn” menu, and then please add your expertise…

Ideas for what you would like to see are welcome, too. But it might take a while for someone to develop and interest and find the spare time to write it.

Of course, anything we publish must be free of copyright restrictions, and effectively becomes open and free use under a GPU license.

David Smith

NAR 79889, L2

Amateur Extra, W6DPS

ROC Board Member (who occasionally breaks stuff on the web page)