May 2015 Launch Report

Despite dire predictions (and some handwringing), the weather was fair with mostly clear skies and a mild breeze throughout the day – great launching weather! Light crowds made for little to no waiting for pads. Maybe everyone who wasn’t there was waiting for ROCStock next month? Lots of great flights, some “less than optimal” flights (sorry YAM, we’ll miss you at the ROCStock Magnum drag races), some cert attempts (second time’s a charm for George), and even a Tripoli altitude record attempt (unfortunately, the second stage covered almost as much distance horizontally as it did vertically).

Improvements to the club’s infrastructure are really paying off. The wireless microphone system, along with mounting the PA speakers on the equipment trailer, minimize setup and teardown time at the range head. The organization of storage in the equipment trailer makes unloading and loading a breeze – as they say, a place for everything, and everything in its place. The not-so-new-anymore small trailer is easy to hook up and tow. Thanks to those that step up and haul it back and forth each month.

While it’s nice to have great equipment, it doesn’t get that way, nor stay that way, without a little TLC. It’s pretty disappointing to see the same few people at the Equipment Maintenance parties, like the one held the day after the launch. However, those who did show up were able to get everything shipshape for ROCStock XLI (41!) next month. See you then!

Overall attendance:
Flyers:  Not Enough or Just Right (depending)

Spectators:  Had a good time


Total flights: 119
A - 4

B – 1

C – 55

D – 1

E – 6

F – 4

G – 9

H – 19

I – 11

J – 6

K – 2

L – 1


Cert Attempts:

NAR:  L1 – 1

TRA:  L1 – 4,   L2 – 1