Weather on the Lakebed

Weather updates will be posted on the web site and on Facebook anytime relevant information is available. Updates will be posted as needed. The weather AT THE LAKEBED may not match surrounding areas, even as close as Victorville or Apple Valley. When we post weather updates, they will be for the lakebed. Other sources may be too general to give an accurate  indication of conditions at the launch site. While we cannot offer any guarantee that our forecasts are going to be perfect–if you rely on other sources for information we can’t be responsible for their accuracy. We have had many instances of people deciding not to come to a launch due to weather conditions, only to find out that the lakebed had great flying weather!

(Okay, maybe adequate flying weather–but still worth coming out for.)

We can’t guarantee the accuracy of our forecasts, but if you rely on other sources we certainly can’t guarantee their accuracy.