Next Launch is May 9, with Night Launching (and a little trailer cleaning on Sunday, May 10)!

The May launch will be on Saturday, the 9th, and we will be holding a trailer cleaning on Sunday, May 10.

To encourage people to camp over Saturday night and come to the trailer cleaning, we will be keeping part of the range set up for NIGHT LAUNCHING on Saturday night! (weather permitting, of course)

REVISION: The weather should be warm and fairly calm. The high around 76°F and sunny. Sunrise will be at 5:51AM, and the UV index high, at 7 out of 10. There is a forecast for temperatures in the 60s on Thursday and Friday, with possible showers Friday afternoon. The lakebed is currently dusty and dry, so unless there is a lot of rain we should be good for the weekend. Camping Friday night might be interesting… Bulletins as things develop!

Hats, sunglasses, and sunblock are very important this time of year in the desert! Bring plenty of water and sports drinks, and be sure to drink them! Caffiene can increase the chances of dehydration, so coffee, tea, and soda should be avoided.

Set up will begin about 7:00AM, and launching will begin as soon as the range is set up. More hands make light work, so please plan to arrive early and help out.