Congratulations to Kurt Gugisberg and Neil Hunstein!

They will be filling the two three-year terms on the ROC Board of Directors. Mr. Gugisberg is currently on the board. Mr. Hunstein is a long time ROC flier and volunteer. Their new terms will begin on the Saturday of the November ROCstock at our annual meeting.

The ROC Board of Directors election for 2015 did come to an early end.

The two members who were elected submitted self-nominations in a timely manner, for three available positions. The Board of Directors considered the situation and our club by-laws, and decided that the two candidates would be elected for the two three-year terms of office.

The remaining vacancy will be filled for a one year term, until the 2016 election. The board of directors will appoint an Executive or Life member to fill this position. This term will also begin at the annual meeting, on the Saturday of November ROCstock.

If you are an Executive or Life member of ROC and are interested in being appointed to the vacancy, please contact any current board member or use the contact form on the web page.