Youth Group Registration for November ROCkstock is FULL!

We have a policy for youth groups who register in advance, and are approved, to get a very reduced launch fee. The approval is for that specific visit to that specific launch, and is dependent on whether we can accommodate the group. This is open, on a “first come-first served” basis to any youth group (scouts, CAP, schools, church groups, etc.) that bring a number of youth to a launch.
We just had a very successful ROCtober launch, which is our annual launch that is specifically geared to youth groups and promoting rocketry education. At ROCtober we had multiple banks of low power pads and processes to efficiently launch a large number of rockets from them as quickly as we could safely do so. This also required an number of additional volunteers during the launch. We ensured that we had additional “porta-potties” to handle the number of people at the launch.
At our normal monthly launches we will have far fewer low power pads. We are working now on increasing from six to eight pads per bank with a new launch control system, so the number of pads at a normal monthly launch will be going up by 25%, but this is still only one bank of pads at each level. Near, middle, and far rows with each have eight pads each rather than the six we have had up now.
Even at ROCstocks, we anticipate having only two banks of low power pads, for a total of 16. Obviously, 300 youth lined up for 16 pads would mean long lines and slow launching.
In fact, we have already received requests from as many youth groups as we can accommodate at this November ROCstock. Any addition youth groups can not be approved for the lower fees, and will be encouraged to attend later launches.
At regular monthly launches we limit the number of youth approved. Again, this is “first come–first served”, so early applications are important.
Information for youth groups can be found at:
Please note also that LDRS-35 (that is Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships!) is a high-power rocketry event, and there will be no special fees for youth groups.