Changes in Youth Group Discount

Because of the large number of groups we have been getting and the limited number of available low power pads, we will no longer offer youth group discounts at “Special Launches”, including ROCstocks. LDRS 35, in June of 2016 will have special pricing outside of our regular ROC fee structure, and will not include any discount for groups. The discount will continue to be available, in limited numbers, at our regular monthly launches.

At our youth oriented launch in ROCtober, groups who pay the discounted daily fees for Saturday can also fly on Sunday for no additional fee. Currently we do not limit the number of discounts available at ROCtober. We do set up additional low power pads and modify some of our launch practices to ensure we can launch a large number of low power rockets safely and efficiently. ROCtober also includes our normal launch of mid and high power rockets.

The 2016 discounted fee for youth groups will remain $40 for up to ten youths, and $5 per additional youth. Pre-registration and approval is required at least two weeks in advance. Some launches may fill up more than two weeks in advance.

Groups must check in at registration as a group, with liability release forms completed for all group members, including those not flying.

Adult leaders who also register to fly continue pay the normal flyer fees. It is also important that you ensure your group is supervised while you are flying.