Lakebed Conditions Wed 10-17 10 AM

Wed 10-17 10 AM update.
As soon as we pick up all the trash we’ll  heading off  the lakebed for good. Conditions continue to improve. The north access route is rough and still wet in places but doable in small SUVs. Do not drive on the road proper. It’s still flooded. Stay on the south bank until you are across from the launch site before cutting over. DO NOT try to come in on the south access road where the rocket launch signs were. It is not accessible and still very flooded. As in my last report yesterday there is also a route off the lakebed to the south. It is longer, but some say better. Full size class A RVs were able to drive off. Either way, please use caution. Remember,  High Desert 4 X 4 Recovery can help if you get in a bind. You can reach out to them via Facebook.  ROC will probably only be on the lakebed until noon