April Launch Report

It was fantastic to finally be back on the lakebed after 14 months. We had a great day flying Rockets! The weather was a bit breezy in the early hours but by 10:00 the winds subsided and we flew until 1:30 PM!

1/2 A: 1
A: 4
B: 5
C: 12
D: 8
E: 15
F: 7
G: 16
H: 29
I: 17
J: 14
K: 4
L: 1

For a total of 133 flights!

There were 5 Level 1 attempts and 3 Level 2 attempts. Congratulations to all those that were successful!

See everyone for our May Launch on May 8th!

Cari Schneider
ROC Board of Directors
Membership Chair