We Have Our Waiver for 2016! High Power is Back on for Saturday, 2/13!

We have received our FAA waiver for 2016.

We will be able to launch high power rockets at the February launch, on Saturday, 2/13!

The weather is shaping up to be great, with the high temperature about 74°F. Fairly calm in the morning and picking up as the day goes on.

Hope to see everyone on the lakebed! As usual, set up will start between 7AM and 8AM, with launching to begin when we are set up…

Update: upon reviewing the new waiver we have good news and bad news.

Our standard waiver will now be 14, 500 feet above ground level, with no need to call the FAA. Our previous standard waiver was 7,000′.

The bad news is that there will be no call in waivers for our regular launches.So 14,500′ AGL will be our maximum altitude, down from 19,000′.

The temporary good news, is that ONLY for LDRS we will be able to get call in waivers to 19,000′ AGL. SO, if you simply must go that extra mile, plan to do it at LDRS in June.