Weather Uncertain for March 12 Launch…

We are monitoring the weather very closely.  There is the potential for a significant amount of rain (maybe 1 to 2 inches) along the SoCal coast with heaver rain moving north.

It is hard to predict how much of this rain will get past the San Bernardino Mountains. Often there is substantial precipitation in LA-Orange County, and almost none at Lucerne Valley.

Much of the rain is predicted late this weekend, Sunday night into Monday. If there is enough carry-over to affect the lake bed we will be able to notify everyone by mid-week.

There is a potential for continuing rain/snow throughout next week, and including the weekend of the launch. This means that launch conditions may not be certain, right up to Saturday morning.

This is all preliminary! It is very difficult to predict the weather in any detail more than 4 or 5 days in advance this time of year. The “Pineapple Express” may turn north or south, or we may get some much needed rain and snow. Watch this space for updates!