2020 Launch Calendar Update

The ROC Board of Directors has been continuously evaluating the ever changing mandates, rules, recommendations and our responsibility for conducting safe launches relative to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We’ve reviewed guidance from State and County Public Health Departments.  After much thought and discussion we feel at this time there is no way to hold safe and legal launches. The 2020 Launch Calendar has been cleared.  This is temporary as things change on a daily basis.  We will continue to monitor the situation and once restrictions are such that we feel we can hold a launch we will update the Launch Calendar and post on the website https://rocstock.org/.

If you are a current Executive Member and you have concerns or questions about your membership please email: rocclub101@yahoo.com

State public health directives prohibit professional, social and community gatherings. Gatherings are defined as meetings or other events that bring together persons from multiple households at the same time for a shared or group experience in a single room, space, or place such as an auditorium, stadium, arena, large conference room, meeting hall, or other indoor or outdoor space. They pose an especially high danger of transmission and spread of COVID-19.

Given that ROC launches are “Public Events” in the eyes of the State and County and can’t be held right now, can I go launch my own rockets at Lucerne?

Yes…within some limits. Here’s what you should know.

1)      Property Use: Generally, the BLM considers Lucerne Dry Lake a “traditional use” area and doesn’t restrict family units from using the lakebed in a non-commercial way. So they’re OK. Stay right around the normal ROC launch area and you’ll be OK. Stay away from other areas of the lakebed to avoid private property, which is dotted all over the lakebed.

2)      COVID Restrictions: All persons must be from the same household and limited to about 5 folks.

3)      Rocket Permission: Since the lakebed is not within 5 miles of another airport (APV is 14 miles away), you are clear to launch Class 1 rockets. A Class 1 rocket is a rocket that has less than 1500g of mass (weighs 3.375 lbs. or less) and has less than 125g of propellant (all motors up to G, including many G motors, check the packaging). So while you can’t fly HPR yourself without a waiver, you can still have some fun with low to mid power.

We hope this helps take off some of the “itch”.

On behalf of the Board of Directors please take care during these extraordinary times.  We all are looking forward to getting back together as soon as possible.

Mike Ostby,