Tues Afternoon Launch Site Update

Tues afternoon 4 PM update launch site conditions. Much improved. ROC will no longer be on site after Wed 10-17 late morning.

High Desert 4 x 4 Recovery is here today with scheduled tows.  They can help if you contact them. They suggested they can be here tomorrow as well.

Both access roads from highway 247 are still flooded. Only 4 x 4 accessability.  High Desert 4 x 4 Recovery has found a way out that 2 wheel drive vehicles and RVs and trailers were having great success this afternoon. It is long, unestablished and convaluted and MUCH to difficult to describe. They are more than happy to escort anyone out if you contact them via their Facebook page.

Noon update – Launch Cancelled

No changes. Launch cancelled. Standing water. Currently no access.  Both access roads are flooded. Please do not try to travel through.

ROCtober Update

ROCtober update, 7pm 10/11/18
We are good to go for ROCtober 2018. There is still a chance of rain and some wind, prepare accordingly.
After tonight, it will be difficult for me to send out e-mails, any updates  on the launch will be on https://rocstock.org/
A few last minute announcements.
A) SIGNS ON 247 – Look for the signs (arrows)  on highway 247 for the entrance to the lake bed, IT MAY BE 1/2 mile south of the location on the map.
B) PATCHES – some confusion here, when you come up to the launch and when you pay, you can purchase patches at that time.   We only have a limited number, first come first serve.
C) TAKE IT SLOW – Drive slow on the lake bed and be VERY CAREFUL driving at night.  There may be kids (or even adults) looking for rockets.
D) Adult Flyers, if you are interested in joining ROC, if you join now  your membership will run until December 2019.   Membership Dues are $60  AND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL LAUNCH FREE AT ROCTOBER AND ALL MONTHLY LAUNCHES until December 2019. To join ROC you must use the membership portal on the ROC website. https://rocstock.org/join/
See you all at the lake bed,  remember, ask for help!
Mike Kramer

ROCtober and the Weather

I have received some e-mails about the weather forecast and this years ROCtober.  I am sending this e-mail out to let all the groups know how the current forecast may affect ROCtober.  As of Wednesday October 10th the launch is still on as planned.   I will send out another E-mail blast tomorrow at 8:00 P.M. with updated status and on https://rocstock.org/.  After Thursday night, it will be difficult for me to send out e-mails, any updates will be on https://rocstock.org/

There are a few issues that the weather forecast brings up

1) We can only look at the same forecast as you. The current forecast from the ‘weather websites’ varies widely in regards to rain and wind.  And to make it harder to predict is the ‘micro climate’ of the Lake Bed.  It is common to have very different weather at the lakebed than in Apple Valley, Cajon Pass or the Los Angeles basin.

2) ROC does have a protocol for weather issues, it can be found at https://rocstock.org/camping-survival/ with more weather related information at https://rocstock.org/weather/  Group leaders should look at these pages.

3) During the weekend ROC may need to suspend operations for a period or close down the launch if conditions become unsafe or difficult to launch in.

4) With lighter rains, the lakebed can get wet and then dry out in an hour or so. Once the rain stops it is best to leave your car in one spot and let the lake dry.   Heavier rains can cause standing water on the lakebed or on roads onto the lakebed.

5) The roads and the lakebed can get muddy, and it is possible to get stuck in the mud. Try to avoid driving through standing water.

6) We use the lakebed thanks to BLM, if there is mud or a wet spots PLEASE DON’T TEAR UP THE LAKE BED by driving recklessly in the mud. This leaves ruts that can damage the lakebed.

7) Your group or organization may have different rules for weather; it is up to you to follow your own groups procedures and use your and your groups judgment.

I’m looking forward to a SAFE AND FUN weekend of rockets at this years’ ROCtober.

Mike Kramer

September Launch Report

By:  Cari Schneider
What a great September launch we had! The range was set up and open by 7:30. By 11 we were nearing 100 degrees with little to no breeze. With the heat continuing to rise, launching stopped about noon and no more than 5 minutes later the “W” switch was turned on! There were 180 flights including several clusters, two stages, and crowd pleasers!  There were also 3 successful certification flights. 1 Jr NAR Level 1, 1 NAR Level 1 and 1 NAR Level 2. Congratulations to Shawn Bower, Chris Sandberg, and Mike Swanson on your certs.  All in all a great day!
Launch Report:
1/2 A’s= 1
A’s = 26
B’s = 37
C’s = 54
D’s = 9
E’s = 6
F’s = 7
G’s = 11
H’s = 13
I’s = 8
J’s = 4
K’s = 4
Thanks to the volunteers and Board members who make ROC launches run smoothly month after month!  We’ll see everyone back on the playa for ROCtober which will be held October 13 – 14!