December 7-9 Rocstock Canceled

Due to the wet weather today and a forecast for possible rain this Saturday, and another storm next Wed and Thursday the ROC Board has decided to cancel the December 7-9 Rocstock Launch.

We are coming up with a plan to hold the Annual Membership Meeting/Holiday Gathering. Most likely a lunch at a pizza parlor Sat the 8th. If this sounds like fun please let me know ( so a large enough room can be reserved. Stay tuned for details.

December ROCstock Update

We are monitoring the weather forecast and conditions of the lakebed closely.  Unfortunately, the lakebed cannot tolerate much rain at all. The October storm really saturated the ground.  As of the this morning several sources are forecasting for Lucerne Valley a 100% chance of significant rain later this week and 30% later next week.  If the lakebed gets any amount of measurable rain between now and December 7th, ROCstock will be canceled.

Mike Ostby,


Board of Director Election Results

Annually, per our Bylaws, ROC elects a portion of the Board of Directors, usually 3 positions. Occasionally, due to resignations (folks may move, etc…) there are more than 3 positions available.

In 2018, there are 3 slots for 3-year terms, and one 2-year term. By convention, the top 3 vote getters get the three-year terms and the fourth place vote getter gets the 2-year term. This year, we have five candidates for these positions. ROC would like to send out our appreciation to everyone that put their name in the hat to run for the BoD. Per the Tripoli Bylaws, we must elect our Prefect as well. Since ROC is a corporation, the President of the Corporation is not the Tripoli Prefect. There was one candidate for Prefect this year so we voted to affirm them.

For the first year, we used our Membership database software to conduct an online vote. This year, we had a 44.6% turnout so thanks to everyone that voted. If you would like to leave any feedback on our election this year, please use our feedback page on the website, or talk to any BoD member at a launch.
The Results:
Elected to 3-Year Terms:
Kurt Gugisberg
Gary Schneider
Neal Hunstein
Elected to a 2-Year Term:
David Smith
Rick Magee was affirmed as our Prefect for another year.
Again, thanks to everyone that ran and please attend our Annual General Membership Meeting at ROCStock in December!

Lakebed Conditions Wed 10-17 10 AM

Wed 10-17 10 AM update.
As soon as we pick up all the trash we’ll  heading off  the lakebed for good. Conditions continue to improve. The north access route is rough and still wet in places but doable in small SUVs. Do not drive on the road proper. It’s still flooded. Stay on the south bank until you are across from the launch site before cutting over. DO NOT try to come in on the south access road where the rocket launch signs were. It is not accessible and still very flooded. As in my last report yesterday there is also a route off the lakebed to the south. It is longer, but some say better. Full size class A RVs were able to drive off. Either way, please use caution. Remember,  High Desert 4 X 4 Recovery can help if you get in a bind. You can reach out to them via Facebook.  ROC will probably only be on the lakebed until noon

Tues Afternoon Launch Site Update

Tues afternoon 4 PM update launch site conditions. Much improved. ROC will no longer be on site after Wed 10-17 late morning.

High Desert 4 x 4 Recovery is here today with scheduled tows.  They can help if you contact them. They suggested they can be here tomorrow as well.

Both access roads from highway 247 are still flooded. Only 4 x 4 accessability.  High Desert 4 x 4 Recovery has found a way out that 2 wheel drive vehicles and RVs and trailers were having great success this afternoon. It is long, unestablished and convaluted and MUCH to difficult to describe. They are more than happy to escort anyone out if you contact them via their Facebook page.