May 9th Launch Canceled

For the time being the May 9th launch is canceled. Since ROC is both a NAR Section and a Tripoli Prefecture we will wait until both national organizations have lifted their moratoriums. We also will comply with the San Bernardino County Public Health Order until it is rescinded. ROC is working on a Covid-19 social distancing guideline that may need to be implemented if we are permitted to have a launch. It will align with County Health Department reccomendations.

Safer at Home Contest

ROC’s Safer at Home Rocket Contest (March 24 until ??)
The contest is to build a rocket from either scratch or kit bash a rocket and to see what range of motors it will fly on. The person who successfully launches and recovers a rocket with the widest range of motors is the overall winner.
You cannot use one already built.
To compete, you must fly it at the next ROC launch on the smallest and largest motor that you designed it for. It must be recovered and be able to fly again, just like a cert flight. You can also use it to cert as well. (A flight means that it has to clear the rod or rail)
Painting is optional.
There will be prizes for the person with smallest starting motor, the largest starting motor, and the largest end motor.
There will be prizes for the best shred as well, so push the limit of design.
Simple rules:
The only modification allowed on the lake bed is to change motor adapters.
Recovery has to remain the same for all flights.

I need your name, email and phone number.

March Launch Canceled

Due to this weeks rain the March launch on Sat, March 14th is canceled.  See everyone in April.

Jan 11th Launch Cancelled

Due to current conditions the Jan 11th regular scheduled monthly launch is canceled.  The recent storm brought significant rain and blanketed Lucerne with snow.  Unfortunately, the lakebed hadn’t even dryed up from the last storm.

Time to start digging into your build pile. We’ll see everyone once the lakebed drys up enough to launch.
Mike Ostby,
ROC President


We had a great weekend celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Rocstock with Rocstock 50. Flying conditions and the weather were perfect all weekend.

1/2 A: 2
A: 61
B: 83
C: 138
D: 37
E: 35
F: 32
G: 27
H: 66
I: 51
J: 27
K: 24
L: 5
M: 11

For a total number of flights at 599. There were also 15 cluster flights that had 2-5 motors and 6 two stage flights.

Certification flights:
Jr Level 1: 5
Level 1: 30
Level 2: 5
Level 3: 4

Congratulations to all those that were successful!!
We will see everyone out on the playa on December 14th for our monthly launch.

Cari Schneider
ROC Membership Chair