NSL Launch Report

What a great weekend at NSL! Friday we flew until the wind picked up about 1 PM, Saturday we flew from 7 AM – 6 PM and then 8:30 – 10:00 for night launches, and Sunday we flew from 7:30 – until the wind picked up again about 10:30 AM. There were 211 registered flyers with a few hundred spectators!

NSL Launch Report
We had 737 flights during a great weekend of flying!
½ A: 3
A: 23
B: 27
C: 111
D: 44
E: 45
F: 34
G: 105
H: 101
I: 90
J: 70
K: 52
L: 11
M: 11

10 of the above flights were clusters of anywhere from 2 – 7 motors. There were also 10 additional flights that were 2 – 3 stages. They were: M to K, A to C, F to F, E to E to E, D to C to C, D to C, K to K, 2 K’s to 2 J’s, K to 2 J’s and J to 3 G’s.

There were 37 Certification Attempts: 2 Jr. Level 1’s; 29 Level 1’s; 5 Level 2’s and 1 Level 3. Congratulations to all those that were successful!!

Thank you to all who came and flew with us, helped LCO, FSR, RSO, Spotter, Pad Manage and Clean Up! We appreciate your willingness to volunteer!

A huge shout out to the NSL Director and ROC Board members that helped plan and organize NSL 2019 for the past year.

We will see everyone on July 20th for our Monthly Launch!

Cari Schneider,

Membership Chair

July Launch

Reminder that the next scheduled launch will be July 20th. There will be no launch on the 2nd Saturday of July.

May Launch Cancelled

Unfortunately,  the ROC Board of Directors has decided to cancel the launch this Saturday due to unfavorable weather forecast.

Bay Area Rocketry

If you need something place your order via the BAR website. BayAreaRocketry.com
Check “launch site pick up”.  Put “April ROC” in the instruction box. BAR will cover shipping cost and all orders will be sent together in a box to someone who can deliver it to the launch on Saturday.
He MUST ship by Tuesday so the order is received by Friday. For more information please contact BAR directly.

Looks Good For April!

Hi Everyone!

It finally looks like we’re going to be able to hold a launch! Weather looks good. The lakebed for the most part is dry.
The launch site and the access roads are not what we’re used to. PLEASE USE CAUTION AND GOOD JUDGMENT WHEN TRAVELING ON THE PLAYA.  The site is rough. Both roads in are pretty rough. Cambria road is best left for 4WD. The graded area just south of Granite road is not too bad. ROC road (the north/south road) is rough too. There are ways around the deep ruts.  If you know the back way in, it’s in pretty good shape.
We’ll be out there on Friday and hopefully mark the best way in with orange barricades or cones.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Mike Ostby,
ROC President